Interviews Wenatchee

2017-1-10-interviews-wenatchee-1We are on the road again.  We headed out last night to stay ahead of the bad weather. Woke up this morning in Wenatchee where it is about 5 degrees out.  Icy and cold.  But we had a warm day at the stake center visiting with these great missionaries.  With this new interview schedule, we’re trying hard to shorten the time it takes to do interviews otherwise we can not get it all done in the days allotted.  President Lewis is the best counsel giver I know and it hard for him to do this quickly.  We are trying.  The good news is we will be back interviewing everyone every 6 weeks now.

These Elders are studying while waiting for interviews:2017-1-10-interviews-wenatchee-3

Here are some New Year’s Resolutions:

Elder Quast and Elder Olson2017-1-10-interviews-wenatchee-5Elder Quast:  Something I want to do:  Bear my testimony more in sacrament meeting.  Something I want to become:  A better missionary, become a stronger missionary.

Elder Olson:  Something I want to do:  Find joy in every aspect of missionary work.  Something I want to become:  more confident and courageous, being  a light to the world.

Elder Ackerman and Elder Boshard2017-1-10-interviews-wenatchee-8Elder Ackerman:  Something I want to do: pay more attention, write in my journal twice each week.  Something I want to become:  more patient.

Elder Boshard:  Something I want to do: Listen more.  Something I want to become:  a person that people can come to in times of need.

Hermana Tecuatl and Hermana Andrews2017-1-10-interviews-wenatchee-13Hermana Tecuatl:  Something I want to do:  help my investigators understand who Jesus Christ is to them.  Something I want to become:  more confident in myself.

Hermana Andrews:  Something I want to do:  find out what I want to do with my life!!  Something I want to become:  more patient and trusting in God’s timing.


Sister Heffernan and Sister Harty2017-1-10-interviews-wenatchee-17Sister Heffernan:  Something I want to do:  care about “the one.”  Something I want to become:  a friend to all.

Sister Harty:  Something I want to do:  find someone to teach who gets baptized. Something I want to become:  a faith-filled missionary.

Elder Hodges and Elder Sanchez2017-1-10-interviews-wenatchee-21Elder Hodges:  Something I want to do:  serve as Christ has.  Something I want to become:  more Christ-like in every thought, action and word.

Elder Sanchez:  Something I want to do:  read the Book of Mormon only 4 times with a specific purpose in mind for each one of them.  Something I want to become:  patient with myself.

Elder Criddle and Elder Hamblin2017-1-10-interviews-wenatchee-22Elder Criddle:  Something I want to do:  stay focused.  Something I want to become: someone who understands and truly loves everything about the gospel.

Elder Hamblin:  Something I want to do:  study Preach My Gospel every day.  Something I want to become:  a more charitable person.

2017-1-10-interviews-wenatchee-29The District:2017-1-10-interviews-wenatchee-332017-1-10-interviews-wenatchee-35

Sister Wadman and Sister Trump2017-1-10-interviews-wenatchee-36Sister Wadman: Something I want to do:  study better and broader.  Something I want to become:  patient with myself.

Sister Trump:  Something I want to do:  gain a love for tracting.  Something I want to become:  the missionary Heavenly Father designed me to be.

Sister Lowham and Sister Rasmussen2017-1-10-interviews-wenatchee-37Sister Lowham:  Something I want to do:  always be positive.  Something I want to become: faithful in missionary work.

Sister Rasmussen:  Something I want to do:  notice the good in everyone and develop charity for others.  Something I want to become:  a successful missionary of Jesus Christ.

Elder Painter and Elder Summit2017-1-10-interviews-wenatchee-47Elder Painter:  Something I want to do:  finish my mission strong. Something I want to become:  a better example and leader to those around me.

Elder Summit:  Something I want to do:  I want to be able to teach a lot of people. Something I want to become:  a better person to the people around me, and to help them in any way I can.

Elder Bergman and Elder Gaeta2017-1-10-interviews-wenatchee-44Elder Bergman:  Something I want to do:  be perfect in journal writing for Sister Lewis! Something I want to become:  a perfect teacher by the Spirit.

Elder Gaeta is still thinking!

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