Interviews in Omak

2017-1-11-interviews-omak-1Next stop:  Omak, where we met with more members of the Omak Zone.    Elders  Harman and Wunderlich are the Zone Leaders in this northern zone.  They do a great job.  This zone is spread out and it goes all the way to the Canadian border.  They call it The Promised Land.  Or the O-Zone!

2017-1-11-interviews-omak-2Elder Harman and Elder Wunderlich2017-1-11-interviews-omak-3Elder Harman:  Something I want to do:  better my Spanish, write more in my journal and loose weight.  Something I want to become:  someone who doesn’t get complacient with where I am and I want to be a scripture scholar.

Elder Wunderlich:  Something I want to do:  be fully fluent in Spanish, recognize the Spirit more and more, and give more of my light to others.  Something I want to become:  a consecrated missionary always!  I want to be more like the Savior–more helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, brave, loving, understanding, virtuous, courageous, and humble.

Elder Sandholz and Elder Saitman2017-1-11-interviews-omak-4Elder Sandholz:   Something I want to do:  remain faithful to what I’ve learned.  Something I want to become:  a constantly improving disciple of Christ.

Elder Saitman:  Something I want to do: help children of God change their lives. Something I want to become:  a Saint.  more sanctified, consecrated, purified.

Elder Christensen and Elder Amat2017-1-11-interviews-omak-8Elder Christensen:  Something I want to do:  remember Jesus Christ.  Something I want to become:  I want to have more peace in my heart (relaxed, not worried or stressed).  I also want to be more focused on others.

Elder Amat:   Something I want to do: U want to pray more often.  Something I want to become:  more spiritual in the gospel by relying more on the Spirit.

2017-1-11-interviews-omak-92017-1-11-interviews-omak-10Elder Hibbard and Elder Aguilar

Elder Hibbard:  Something I want to do:  understand the Spirit better.  Something I want to become:  someone who is personable and fears no man.

Elder Aguilar:  Something I want to do:  keep writing in my journal, lose some weight, finish all the Standard Works.  Something I want to become:  a scripture scholar.

Trying very hard to think of New Year’s Resolutions:2017-1-11-interviews-omak-182017-1-11-interviews-omak-19

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