Interviews in Sunnyside

This afternoon we drove down to Sunnyside from Othello on a road we’ve never traveled.  It felt like we were driving through Siberia.  Sage brush and tumbleweeds as far as you could see, all coated in white ice crystals.  It was a spectacular sight.

And here are the Elders who greeted us this afternoon when we arrived in Sunnyside!  2017-1-13-interviews-sunnyside-4Very funny!2017-1-13-interviews-sunnyside-6

The District:2017-1-13-interviews-sunnyside-5

I’ve never met a missionary who wanted to leave Sunnyside.  Goodness radiates here.

Sister Grigg and Sister Van Orden2017-1-13-interviews-sunnyside-1Sister Grigg:  Something I want to do:  wake up on time!  Eat healthy and exercise. Something I want to become:  a 4th Missionary.

Sister Van Orden:  Something I want to do:  put EVERYTHING on the alter of sacrifice. Something I want to become:  more happy!

Hermana Hinkle and Hermana Lin2017-1-13-interviews-sunnyside-7Hermana Hinkle:  Something I want to do:  I want to make nightly planning so meaningful that I don’t stress about about my day in the morning.  Something I want to become:  a positive radiance of the Spirit.  I want to live my missionary purpose.

Hermana Lin:  Something I want to do: really read the Book of Mormon with fresh eyes–how would an investigator understand it?  How does it relate to his/her personal life?  I want to have these kinds of questions in mind as I read it.  Something I want to become:  a true disciple of Jesus Christ.  I want to be like the prophets of old and declare His gospel with everyone in my areas.

Elder Pruett and Elder Medina2017-1-13-interviews-sunnyside-8Elder Pruett:  Something I want to do:  be able to teach any principle from any lesson simply and have memorized scriptures for each of them. I also want to memorize all the missionary mottos and general missionary things like thee First Vision.  Something I want to become:  the exactly obedient missionary.

Elder Medina:  Something I want to do:  baptize monthly and strengthen my faith in Christ.  Something I want to become:  the BEST version of Elder Medina.

Elder Oliverson and Elder Woodard2017-1-13-interviews-sunnyside-9Elder Oliverson:  Something I want to do:  Be a friend to everyone.  Something I want to become:  an amazing teacher.

Elder Woodard:  Something I want to do:  read through the Doctrine and Covenants. Something I want to become:  a scriptorian.

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