Interviews in the Yakima Zone

Elder Ranta and Elder Bird are our Yakima Zone Leaders.  Today we met with their zone after the Missionary Broadcast.  I am still asking each about things they are working on this coming year.  I love hearing about their goals and resolutions.  It was a great day in Yakima!

Elder Ranta and Elder Bird2017-1-25-interviews-yakima-english-22Elder Ranta:  Something I want to do:  finish my mission without getting trunky.   Something I want to become:  a dignified Priesthood holder.

Elder Bird:  Something I want to do:  baptize!  Something I want to become:  like the Ancients.  (I am learning about Moses, Ammon, Peter and King Josiah.  I want to be like they are.)

Sister Holmes and Sister Torman2017-1-25-interviews-yakima-english-4Sister Holmes:  Something I want to do:  let everyone know God has a plan for them. Something I want to become:  virtuous (elevated) in my testimony of Jesus Christ.

Sister Torman:  Something I want to do:  help others see and know the importance of Jesus Christ and His Atonement in their lives.  Something I want to become:  the person/the missionary Heavenly Father wants me to be.  One who doesn’t fear others but stands boldly in the testimony of Jesus Christ.

Elder Nielsen and Elder Allen2017-1-25-interviews-yakima-english-7Elder Nielsen:  Something I want to do:  work harder than I have ever worked before.  Something I want to become:  I want to be like the Spiritual Giants I have in my life.  [When I asked him who they were, he said, “My Parents.”]

Elder Allen:  Something I want to do:  drink no soda.  I want to maintain a Christ-like appearance (language/slang, conduct).  Something I want to become:  more of a selfless person.  I want to be more Christlike.

President Lewis is speaking with Elder Uceda, the General Authority Seventy who will be coming to visit our Mission in March.  We are excited to have him come.2017-1-25-interviews-yakima-english-10

Elder Lucio and Elder Kneip2017-1-25-interviews-yakima-english-14Elder Lucio:  Something I want to do: be more anxiously engaged.  Something I want to become:  a better missionary and disciple by being more diligent, patient and obedient.

Elder Kneip:  Something I want to do: become better at teaching to specific needs. Something I want to become:  truly dedicated and truly committed.

Sister Skousen and Sister Christensen2017-1-25-interviews-yakima-english-16Sister Skousen:  Something I want to do: invite a friend to listen to the missionaries. Something I want to become:  a dream member missionary when I go home.

Sister Christensen:  Something I want to do: spend meaningful time with those I love! Something I want to become:  a disciple of Jesus Christ with a continual conversion.

Elder Bee and Elder Olson2017-1-25-interviews-yakima-english-18Elder Bee:  Something I want to do:  help someone find the truth and for them to act on it. Something I want to become:  a better servant of the Lord.  More loving, more patient, more diligent, more humble, with a greater knowledge of the scriptures.

Elder Olson:  Something I want to do:  Something I want to become:

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