Interviews in The Dalles Zone

We were up before the crack of dawn this morning, on the road headed south to The Dalles Zone for our last batch of interviews.  Our first stop was in Goldendale with these lovely ladies:

Sister Fabiano and Sister Miller in Goldendale2017-1-26-the-dalles-zone-interviews-42Sister Fabiano:  Something I want to do:  regularly keep a gratitude journal.  Something I want to become: more joyful.

Sister Miller:  Something I want to do: finish the New Testament and the Book of Mormon twice.  Something I want to become:  someone who is always worthy of the Spirit.

Sometimes big semi trucks full of produce slip on the icy roads and turn over.  Sometimes they are full of bins of apples or boxes of potatoes or boxes filled with bagged corn. Sometimes nice Relief Society ladies go to help clean up the spilled produce and they give away the food.  Sometimes if you happen by after that, you are handed bags of food.  Yay. Lucky us!2017-1-26-the-dalles-zone-interviews-1

Elders Johnson & Johnson in The Dalles2017-1-26-the-dalles-zone-interviews-2Elder Johnson:  Something I want to do:  become better at talking to people.  Something I want to become:  more confident.

Elder Johnson:  Something I want to do:  see someone I have taught enter the temple. Something I want to become:  a more consecrated servant of the Lord.2017-1-26-the-dalles-zone-interviews-6

Elder Woodfield and Elder Tapia2017-1-26-the-dalles-zone-interviews-10Elder Woodfield:  Something I want to do: always keep a positive attitude.  Something I want to become:  the best missionary I can be–more bold, not afraid.

Elder Tapia:  Something I want to do: baptize converts and read Jesus the Christ Something I want to become:   a loving and friendly person, a bi-lingual person (I’m learning English).

Primary Room Art:2017-1-26-the-dalles-zone-interviews-12

Elder Leavitt and Elder Christensen, The Dalles Zone Leaders2017-1-26-the-dalles-zone-interviews-13Elder Leavitt:  Something I want to do:  never be motivated by fear.  Something I want to become:  a more dependable servant of the Lord.

Elder Christensen:  Something I want to do:  work as hard as I can these last 7 months. Something I want to become:  someone who will talk to everyone about the gospel.


Elder and Sister Oman  (White Salmon, Stevenson)2017-1-26-the-dalles-zone-interviews-202017-1-26-the-dalles-zone-interviews-212017-1-26-the-dalles-zone-interviews-242017-1-26-the-dalles-zone-interviews-26Elder Oman:  Something I want to do:  help my family find the Savior.  Something I want to become:  a good father, husband and brother.

Sister Oman:  Something I want to do:  practice a talent.  Something I want to become:  better at studying and remembering what I study.

Hermana Baird and Hermana Hernandez  (White Salmon)2017-1-26-the-dalles-zone-interviews-27Hermana Baird:  Something I want to do:  find, teach and baptize a child of God. Something I want to become:  charitable.

Hermana Hernandez:  Something I want to do:  I don’t want to be shy when I teach in English and I want to use the scriptures more often.  Something I want to become:  a better teacher.2017-1-26-the-dalles-zone-interviews-302017-1-26-the-dalles-zone-interviews-322017-1-26-the-dalles-zone-interviews-33

Hermana Aldrich and Hermana Shewell2017-1-26-the-dalles-zone-interviews-36Hermana Aldrich:  Something I want to do:  gain relationships with everyone I meet. Something I want to become:  converted.  I want to have a solid testimony and keep bearing it.

Hermana Shewell:  Something I want to do:  serve a mission.  Something I want to become: be an instrument in the Lords’ hands.

Elder Hanna and Elder Bawden (Hood River) 2017-1-26-the-dalles-zone-interviews-40Elder Hanna:  Something I want to do:  increase in spiritual fluency.  I want to learn scriptural references and topics.  Something I want to become:  more faithful.

Elder Bawden:  Something I want to do:  do a Ponderize Scripture each week. Something I want to become:  a humble man.

Elder Flamm and Elder Sailsbery (Stevenson) 2017-1-26-the-dalles-zone-interviews-50Elder Flamm:  Something I want to do:  study more by topic. Something I want to become:  a missionary who can use scriptures to answer concerns and bring the Spirit.

Elder Sailsbery:  Something I want to do:  recognize the Spirit. Something I want to become:  more confident to act on promptings of the Spirit.

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