Days for Girls Work Day in Yakima

2017-1-28-dfg-yakima-13Many missionaries came to help at our Yakima Days for Girls Event today.  We had a great time and we got so much work done!  If you have not yet learned about Days for Girls, please go take a look at

This is a fantastic non-profit organization that was started here in Washington by an LDS mom named Celeste Mergens.  For 3 or more years, before coming on this mission a year and a half ago, I did Days for Girls work full time.  It’s good.  It’s the best non-profit I’ve ever worked with.  It’s been a joy to introduce it here throughout the mission.  Our Sister missionaries LOVE helping with this service project!  Many of them are eager to go home and get things started after their missions.  I hope they do!

Women from many community groups and churches joined us today to help.  What a great place to make friends with the good women of Yakima.  We’re so grateful so many came to help.  This will be a huge blessing to the girls who will receive these kits.

Come take a look at what our day looked like.  There are more photos on our Days for Girls Yakima Team facebook page.

2017-1-28-dfg-yakima-162017-1-28-dfg-yakima-192017-1-28-dfg-yakima-212017-1-28-dfg-yakima-222017-1-28-dfg-yakima-62017-1-28-dfg-yakima-232017-1-28-dfg-yakima-242017-1-28-dfg-yakima-252017-1-28-dfg-yakima-262017-1-28-dfg-yakima-292017-1-28-dfg-yakima-312017-1-28-dfg-yakima-352017-1-28-dfg-yakima-362017-1-28-dfg-yakima-372017-1-28-dfg-yakima-382017-1-28-dfg-yakima-402017-1-28-dfg-yakima-412017-1-28-dfg-yakima-422017-1-28-dfg-yakima-462017-1-28-dfg-yakima-482017-1-28-dfg-yakima-492017-1-28-dfg-yakima-502017-1-28-dfg-yakima-532017-1-28-dfg-yakima-552017-1-28-dfg-yakima-562017-1-28-dfg-yakima-572017-1-28-dfg-yakima-592017-1-28-dfg-yakima-612017-1-28-dfg-yakima-622017-1-28-dfg-yakima-642017-1-28-dfg-yakima-682017-1-28-dfg-yakima-712017-1-28-dfg-yakima-762017-1-28-dfg-yakima-772017-1-28-dfg-yakima-812017-1-28-dfg-yakima-872017-1-28-dfg-yakima-892017-1-28-dfg-yakima-91We assembled 120 kits today!  That will make 120 more girls safe and happy and help them receive an education!  2017-1-28 DfG Yakima (72).JPG2017-1-28-dfg-yakima-922017-1-28-dfg-yakima-932017-1-28-dfg-yakima-97

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I am member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I am currently serving as a Missionary in the Washington Yakima Mission. Welcome to my personal blog, Ann's Words, and my Mission blog, Our Yakima Mission. If you are interested in family history stories and histories, you can find those posted in Ann's Stories. Thanks for looking in!
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