Departing Group Comes to the Mission Home

2017-1-30-zdeparting-group-1This afternoon at the end of their P-day, our 4 departing missionaries made their way to the Mission Home.  They came with all of their lives packed into 2 suitcases and a carry on, transported by good members or fellow missionaries.  The good byes began.2017-1-30-zdeparting-group-22017-1-30-zdeparting-group-52017-1-30-zdeparting-group-72017-1-30-zdeparting-group-8The Calls and the Thompsons dropped by to wish them well.2017-1-30-zdeparting-group-102017-1-30-zdeparting-group-122017-1-30-zdeparting-group-132017-1-30-zdeparting-group-142017-1-30-zdeparting-group-15After the coast cleared, we had our departing dinner.  Beef  bourguignon with noodles, fresh green beans, glazed carrots, salad and pumpkin cake for dessert.  YUM.  2017-1-30-zdeparting-group-162017-1-30-zdeparting-group-172017-1-30-zdeparting-group-182017-1-30-zdeparting-group-192017-1-30-zdeparting-group-202017-1-30-zdeparting-group-212017-1-30-zdeparting-group-22Then everyone relaxed a bit while Pres. Lewis finished the exit interviews.  The missionaries filled out their departing forms and signed transfer journals.  Then we had a couple of rousing games of “It Came to Pass.”2017-1-30-zdeparting-group-24After that we gathered by the fire for our final testimony meeting where everyone shared a memorable spiritual experience and their testimony.  It was wonderful to be here, with these valiant missionaries.2017-1-30-zdeparting-group-262017-1-30-zdeparting-group-272017-1-30-zdeparting-group-282017-1-30-zdeparting-group-292017-1-30-zdeparting-group-302017-1-30-zdeparting-group-312017-1-30-zdeparting-group-332017-1-30-zdeparting-group-34Afterwards, we went through the departure packet and flight instructions for tomorrow.  2017-1-30-zdeparting-group-372017-1-30-zdeparting-group-40Elder Baker is the last of our missionaries who was called to the Kennewick Mission first. From now on, all were called to the Washington Yakima Mission.  We collected all of there Tiwi Cards.  These cards are used to log in when driving.2017-1-30-zdeparting-group-412017-1-30-zdeparting-group-44We topped off the evening with a few excellent rounds of Rhythm Sticks.2017-1-30-zdeparting-group-462017-1-30-zdeparting-group-49The final roundsimg_7280:2017-1-30-zdeparting-group-572017-1-30-zdeparting-group-63For the first time in the history of the mission, we have a Sister Winner!!2017-1-30-zdeparting-group-65Final Photos before bed:img_3061img_3063Up late visiting.  Well done, thou good and faithful servants!img_7280

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