Departing Group Tuesday Morning

We woke to a morning of pretty heavy snowfall on this wintry departure morning.  Pres. Lewis was up early clearing the driveway.  We got 4-5 more inches this morning.2017-1-31-departing-group-22017-1-31-departing-group-3Here is the view from the bedroom upstairs where the Sisters slept:2017-1-31-departing-group-92017-1-31-departing-group-6Watching Pres. Lewis in jeans and a BYU cap was something new!2017-1-31-departing-group-10As we prepared breakfast, everyone worked on transfer journals.  They sign each other’s books before leaving each area.2017-1-31-departing-group-122017-1-31-departing-group-132017-1-31-departing-group-142017-1-31-departing-group-15Then we had our traditional breakfast.2017-1-31-departing-group-162017-1-31-departing-group-17Joined by the Assistants:2017-1-31-departing-group-182017-1-31-departing-group-192017-1-31-departing-group-212017-1-31-departing-group-22A little “too tropical” for this Texas Elder!2017-1-31-departing-group-23Our Departing Group:2017-1-31-departing-group-28Signing the Wall of Honor before loading up to head to the airport.  2017-1-31-departing-group-352017-1-31-departing-group-362017-1-31-departing-group-38The car battery was dead, so we readjusted and headed out into the snowy world.2017-1-31-departing-group-392017-1-31-departing-group-43Yakima Air Terminal:2017-1-31-departing-group-44Friends came to see Sis Atkinson off:2017-1-31-departing-group-452017-1-31-departing-group-462017-1-31-departing-group-482017-1-31-departing-group-502017-1-31-departing-group-53Final farewells.  Sad.  Sad.  Sad. 2017-1-31-departing-group-542017-1-31-departing-group-562017-1-31-departing-group-592017-1-31-departing-group-60We wish you each well.  We love you.  Our hearts go with you.

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