New Group Arrives in Yakima!

2017-1-31-zarriving-group-1Here is our first glimpse of our 5 new missionaries coming from the Provo MTC.  Elder Davis will arrive this evening from the Mexico MTC.  The got off the plane our departing missionaries boarded.  You can see they had a few minutes to greet each other as we watching this changing of the guard in Yakima.

Here they come!!2017-1-31-zarriving-group-22017-1-31-zarriving-group-32017-1-31-zarriving-group-52017-1-31-zarriving-group-72017-1-31-zarriving-group-82017-1-31-zarriving-group-92017-1-31-zarriving-group-10The Fearsome Five!2017-1-31-zarriving-group-142017-1-31-zarriving-group-162017-1-31-zarriving-group-182017-1-31-zarriving-group-19Heading out into the winter wonderland:2017-1-31-zarriving-group-222017-1-31-zarriving-group-242017-1-31-zarriving-group-262017-1-31-zarriving-group-282017-1-31-zarriving-group-292017-1-31-zarriving-group-30And on to the Mission Home, about a 10-15 min. drive from the airport.2017-1-31-zarriving-group-32Safe and sound here at the mission home!2017-1-31-zarriving-group-332017-1-31-zarriving-group-642017-1-31-zarriving-group-65Here’s a look at the neighborhood today:2017-1-31-zarriving-group-662017-1-31-zarriving-group-672017-1-31-zarriving-group-682017-1-31-zarriving-group-692017-1-31-zarriving-group-702017-1-31-zarriving-group-71We are thrilled to have these new missionaries joining us.  This work is always moving forward.  Always.  Thank you, parents and families for sharing these missionaries with us for the next many months.  We love them already.

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