New Missionaries, Evening in the Mission Home, Mexico MTC Arrival!

After a few hours, the missionaries were back with stories to tell.  We all visited with them and their companions, listening to their adventures.2017-1-31-zarriving-group-722017-1-31-zarriving-group-732017-1-31-zarriving-group-742017-1-31-zarriving-group-762017-1-31-zarriving-group-772017-1-31-zarriving-group-822017-1-31-zarriving-group-842017-1-31-zarriving-group-852017-1-31-zarriving-group-882017-1-31-zarriving-group-892017-1-31-zarriving-group-902017-1-31-zarriving-group-86Then we had a little break for some snacks.2017-1-31-zarriving-group-91Next we did a bit of orientation.  I introduced our family (with photos) and the APs introduced the different areas of the mission.  2017-1-31-zarriving-group-942017-1-31-zarriving-group-952017-1-31-zarriving-group-98While we were doing that, Elder and Sister Call went to the airport to pick up Elder Davis, who was arriving from the Mexico MTC at 6:45.  Here are the photos they took of his singular arrival:2017-1-31-zarriving-group-mexico-12017-1-31-zarriving-group-mexico-22017-1-31-zarriving-group-mexico-3Arrival at the Mission Home.2017-1-31-zarriving-group-100Meeting the rest of his group:2017-1-31-zarriving-group-1012017-1-31-zarriving-group-103And finally dinner, now that everyone was here!  Missionaries are always hungry.  We had a delicious meal.2017-1-31-zarriving-group-1042017-1-31-zarriving-group-1052017-1-31-zarriving-group-1062017-1-31-zarriving-group-1072017-1-31-zarriving-group-108And Pumpkin Crunch Cake for dessert:2017-1-31-zarriving-group-1092017-1-31-zarriving-group-1102017-1-31-zarriving-group-111This evening the office couples and the Van De Venters came to do their orientation.  Sis Van De Venter went over health and well-being and medical procedures.  The Calls talked about their stewardships with the office (Supplies, Phones, Mail, Reports, Referrals) and the Pendleburys talked about Housing, Finances and Cars.2017-1-31-zarriving-group-1122017-1-31-zarriving-group-1132017-1-31-zarriving-group-114After that we excused them to get home to bed and we ended the evening with a testimony meeting which was wonderful.  This is an extraordinary group.  They are well prepared and here for all the right reasons.

After putting them to bed at 10:30, we met with the APs to determine their first assignments and their trainers.  It was a long and wonderful day.  Dropped into bed by midnight.

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