New Missionaries, Evening in the Mission Home, Mexico MTC Arrival!

After a few hours, the missionaries were back with stories to tell.  We all visited with them and their companions, listening to their adventures.2017-1-31-zarriving-group-722017-1-31-zarriving-group-732017-1-31-zarriving-group-742017-1-31-zarriving-group-762017-1-31-zarriving-group-772017-1-31-zarriving-group-822017-1-31-zarriving-group-842017-1-31-zarriving-group-852017-1-31-zarriving-group-882017-1-31-zarriving-group-892017-1-31-zarriving-group-902017-1-31-zarriving-group-86Then we had a little break for some snacks.2017-1-31-zarriving-group-91Next we did a bit of orientation.  I introduced our family (with photos) and the APs introduced the different areas of the mission.  2017-1-31-zarriving-group-942017-1-31-zarriving-group-952017-1-31-zarriving-group-98While we were doing that, Elder and Sister Call went to the airport to pick up Elder Davis, who was arriving from the Mexico MTC at 6:45.  Here are the photos they took of his singular arrival:2017-1-31-zarriving-group-mexico-12017-1-31-zarriving-group-mexico-22017-1-31-zarriving-group-mexico-3Arrival at the Mission Home.2017-1-31-zarriving-group-100Meeting the rest of his group:2017-1-31-zarriving-group-1012017-1-31-zarriving-group-103And finally dinner, now that everyone was here!  Missionaries are always hungry.  We had a delicious meal.2017-1-31-zarriving-group-1042017-1-31-zarriving-group-1052017-1-31-zarriving-group-1062017-1-31-zarriving-group-1072017-1-31-zarriving-group-108And Pumpkin Crunch Cake for dessert:2017-1-31-zarriving-group-1092017-1-31-zarriving-group-1102017-1-31-zarriving-group-111This evening the office couples and the Van De Venters came to do their orientation.  Sis Van De Venter went over health and well-being and medical procedures.  The Calls talked about their stewardships with the office (Supplies, Phones, Mail, Reports, Referrals) and the Pendleburys talked about Housing, Finances and Cars.2017-1-31-zarriving-group-1122017-1-31-zarriving-group-1132017-1-31-zarriving-group-114After that we excused them to get home to bed and we ended the evening with a testimony meeting which was wonderful.  This is an extraordinary group.  They are well prepared and here for all the right reasons.

After putting them to bed at 10:30, we met with the APs to determine their first assignments and their trainers.  It was a long and wonderful day.  Dropped into bed by midnight.

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I am member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I am currently serving as a Missionary in the Washington Yakima Mission. Welcome to my personal blog, Ann's Words, and my Mission blog, Our Yakima Mission. If you are interested in family history stories and histories, you can find those posted in Ann's Stories. Thanks for looking in!
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