New Arrivals Day Two: New Assignments and some more Orientation

2017-2-1-arrivals-bfast-19Good Morning!  Here’s the view from the bedroom where the Elders slept last night:2017-2-1-arrivals-bfast-20

2017-2-1-arrivals-bfast-1I think everyone slept very well last night.  They were exhausted.  It’s nice to wake in a new world to the smell of bacon, eggs and waffles!  We had a delicious breakfast at 8:00, then other missionaries started to arrive, dropping of the new trainers, who were kept hidden from the new missionaries for now.2017-2-1-arrivals-bfast-42017-2-1-arrivals-bfast-52017-2-1-arrivals-bfast-6These favorite foods have favorite recipes on the Mission Recipes link here on the blog.2017-2-1-arrivals-bfast-72017-2-1-arrivals-bfast-112017-2-1-arrivals-bfast-122017-2-1-arrivals-bfast-132017-2-1-arrivals-bfast-14Trainers being dropped off:2017-2-1-arrivals-trainers-orientation-transfer-site-1In the meantime, it was like Christmas morning for these Elders and Hermana Robinson. They were on their way to see the Transfer Board where they would discover where they will spend the first 12 weeks of their mission!2017-2-1-arrivals-trainers-orientation-transfer-site-42017-2-1-arrivals-trainers-orientation-transfer-site-52017-2-1-arrivals-trainers-orientation-transfer-site-6Revealing the board:2017-2-1-arrivals-trainers-orientation-transfer-site-9Finding their new areas:2017-2-1-arrivals-trainers-orientation-transfer-site-122017-2-1-arrivals-trainers-orientation-transfer-site-142017-2-1-arrivals-trainers-orientation-transfer-site-15And then meeting their new companions:2017-2-1-arrivals-trainers-orientation-transfer-site-182017-2-1-arrivals-trainers-orientation-transfer-site-20There they are– Elder Black will serve with Elder Spitzer in Ellensburg.2017-2-1-arrivals-trainers-orientation-transfer-site-21

Elder Davis will serve with Elder Bown in Quincy.2017-2-1-arrivals-trainers-orientation-transfer-site-22

Elder Johnson will serve with Elder Hunt in The Dalles.2017-2-1-arrivals-trainers-orientation-transfer-site-23

Elder Anderson and Elder Reusch will serve in Manson.2017-2-1-arrivals-trainers-orientation-transfer-site-24

Hermanas Robinson and Aldrich will be serving together in Hood River.2017-2-1-arrivals-trainers-orientation-transfer-site-25

And Elder Christianson and Elder Allen will stay here in the Yakima Valley in the Summitview Ward.2017-2-1-arrivals-trainers-orientation-transfer-site-262017-2-1-arrivals-trainers-orientation-transfer-site-272017-2-1-arrivals-trainers-orientation-transfer-site-28

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I am member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I am currently serving as a Missionary in the Washington Yakima Mission. Welcome to my personal blog, Ann's Words, and my Mission blog, Our Yakima Mission. If you are interested in family history stories and histories, you can find those posted in Ann's Stories. Thanks for looking in!
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