Royal City Farms Dressed in White

2017-2-2-royal-in-snow-4We love being invited to the Allred’s Farm when we need a place to stay when we’re up north.  The Allred parents are serving as the Mission President and wife in the Logan Utah Mission.  The rest of their large family is here and they treat us so well.  Usually when we come and go, it’s in the dark, with early departures and late night arrivals.  Today we headed to their home before the sun was down.  Not only was there daylight, but the SUN was out and there was a break in the snowy weather.

I dropped Pres Lewis off so he could settle in and start reading letters.  (It takes him about 9 hours every week to read all of weekly letters sent to him from each of the missionaries.) I got right back in the car and took a drive–through fields and orchards and down some avenues in the snow.  Gratefully I didn’t get stuck anywhere!  I just wanted some photos of this beautiful country on this cold crisp sunny afternoon so you can enjoy it with me.

Here is the view from the Allred Farm:2017-2-2-royal-in-snow-52017-2-2-royal-in-snow-6Old apple bins:2017-2-2-royal-in-snow-7Looking back at the Allred home on the hill:2017-2-2-royal-in-snow-82017-2-2-royal-in-snow-92017-2-2-royal-in-snow-10The new potato cellars:2017-2-2-royal-in-snow-11These potato cellars store the potatoes after they are harvested until they are delivered to the plants where they are prepared for marketing or made into french fries or other products.  The climate and air flow in these cellars is precisely controlled.  These cellars hold more potatoes than you can even imagine!

Take a look at this post to get an idea of what they look like on the inside:

2017-2-2-royal-in-snow-122017-2-2-royal-in-snow-132017-2-2-royal-in-snow-14The fields around me looked like frozen tundra.2017-2-2-royal-in-snow-162017-2-2-royal-in-snow-182017-2-2-royal-in-snow-19The sprinklers that water the crop circles remind me of dinosaur skeletons.2017-2-2-royal-in-snow-202017-2-2-royal-in-snow-212017-2-2-royal-in-snow-222017-2-2-royal-in-snow-232017-2-2-royal-in-snow-242017-2-2-royal-in-snow-252017-2-2-royal-in-snow-262017-2-2-royal-in-snow-27The snow blows and drifts and freezes.  It’s quite spectacular.2017-2-2-royal-in-snow-282017-2-2-royal-in-snow-29And in spite of this frigid weather and these cold conditions, thousands of acres of apples and cherry trees are pruned and prepared for spring.  It’s almost incomprehensible to me that this work is done in such cold conditions.  Each tree must be pruned and many are tied like these, preparing for a heavy crop of apples next fall.2017-2-2-royal-in-snow-302017-2-2-royal-in-snow-32Here’s a cherry field with nets ready to go up as soon as the fruit appears.  Birds like cherries too!2017-2-2-royal-in-snow-342017-2-2-royal-in-snow-352017-2-2-royal-in-snow-37This is spectacular farm land, some of the finest in the country.2017-2-2-royal-in-snow-382017-2-2-royal-in-snow-40There are many different ways of pruning and preparing the apple trees.2017-2-2-royal-in-snow-412017-2-2-royal-in-snow-42You can see by the branches and twigs on the ground that individual attention is given to every branch and limb.2017-2-2-royal-in-snow-442017-2-2-royal-in-snow-462017-2-2-royal-in-snow-47This afternoon it was 23 degrees and men were out pruning here.2017-2-2-royal-in-snow-492017-2-2-royal-in-snow-502017-2-2-royal-in-snow-51Equipment is resting now.2017-2-2-royal-in-snow-52Another potato cellar:2017-2-2-royal-in-snow-532017-2-2-royal-in-snow-12017-2-2-royal-in-snow-17As we drive around the mission, we feel grateful to be in such a beautiful place.  It’s quiet now, but in a few months, this land will come alive.  I’m getting excited for spring!

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