Interviews in Moses Lake

2017-2-3-interviews-moses-lake-2This morning we drove to Moses Lake from Royal to start another round of interviews.  The new schedule has us interviewing and holding zone conferences Every transfer now, instead of alternating them every other transfer.  This is going to be a wild ride.  We’ll be hanging on to our hats!

We started off with our Moses Lake Zone Leaders, Elder Poloncic and Elder Moser.  Being February, I decided to share a message about Loving as Christ Loves.  And I’m asking each 3 things they love best about their companion.  Elders Poloncic and Moser have been together 8 weeks now in ML 11th and the YSA Ward.2017-2-3-interviews-moses-lake-3Elder Poloncic:  Elder Moser always takes time to listen to you.  He has a big heart.  He is an amazing singer.

Elder Moser:  Elder Poloncic is super obedient.  I love his sense of humor and ability to have fun.  He cares about everyone.


Elder Olivas and Elder Nunez  (together 8 weeks) in ML 9th Spanish North2017-2-3-interviews-moses-lake-9Elder Olivas:  I love Elder Nunez’s sense of humor, his spirituality and I love that he understands where I come from (both are from Mexico).

Elder Nunez:  Elder Olivas is friendly, we are related somehow, and we are like the same kind of person, very comfortable being together.


Elder Blake and Elder Walker, together 2 days in the ML 9th Central Spanish2017-2-3-interviews-moses-lake-15Elder Blake:  Elder Walker has a really good desire to work hard.  He always has a smile on his face, even when he’s tired.  He’s really funny.

Elder Walker:  Elder Blake likes sleeping as much as I do!  He knows why he is out on a mission.  He has a South American accent and we grew up near each other in the Salt Lake Valley.


Hermana Faulk and Hermana Petersen, together 8 weeks in ML 1st & 9th South Spanish2017-2-3-interviews-moses-lake-20Hermana Faulk:  Hermana Petersen is funny.  She makes the work fun and enjoyable.  She is bubbly and is almost never down, but when she is she picks right back up.  She is doctrinally strong and always has some really cool insight about the scriptures.  Her testimony is really strong and powerful.

Hermana Petersen:  Hermana Faulk thinks of others, she’s a great listener and she is always striving to be better.

Elder Quast and Elder Boshard, together 2 days in ML 10th Ward2017-2-3-interviews-moses-lake-22Elder Quast:  Elder Boshard is a lot of fun.  He cares about the members and the missionaries.  He cares about the gospel and he’s adventurous!

Elder Boshard:  Elder Quast is really fun to be around.  He’s obedient and a hard worker.


Elder Lucio and Elder Putnam, together 2 days in ML 3rd Ward2017-2-3-interviews-moses-lake-26Elder Lucio:  Elder Putnam is funny and loving.  He’s very obedient and he’s experienced.

Elder Putnam:  Elder Lucio is concerned about the people, he’s obedient and he knows why he’s here.2017-2-3-interviews-moses-lake-28

Here’s a look at the missionary poster that’s hung on the bulletin board for years.  Every missionary signs it while they are serving here in Moses Lake.2017-2-3-interviews-moses-lake-29And here’s the layout of this classic stake center:2017-2-3-interviews-moses-lake-30After interviews, we headed back to Royal for the evening.2017-2-3-interviews-moses-lake-31Country roads aren’t always plowed.2017-2-3-interviews-moses-lake-33Favorite view of the day:  Cows in a field on a snow day.2017-2-3-interviews-moses-lake-34

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