Interviews in Moses Lake, Day #2

2017-2-4-interviews-moses-lake-1This morning we came back to Moses Lake (about a 30-40 min drive from Royal).  The Zone Leaders greeted us and set us up in 2 rooms with heaters in them.  Church buildings are cold!  We got to visit with the rest of our Moses Lake missionaries today.  Here’s what I learned:

Sister  Holmes and Sister Averett, Sister Training Leaders, together 3 days, serving in ML 2nd Ward and YSA Ward2017-2-4-interviews-moses-lake-3Sister Holmes:  I love Sister Averett’s desire to love and help people, her love of the scriptures and desire to know them, and her strong testimony of change–that change is possible for all of us.

Sister Averett:  I love how diligent Sister Holmes is.  She has a strong testimony and I love the way she talks to people and promises them blessings in the gospel.

Elder Mayes and Elder Camit, serving together 8 weeks in the ML 4th & 7th Wards2017-2-4-interviews-moses-lake-7Elder Mayes:  I love Elder Camit’s sense of humor, his love for the people and his willingness to work.

Elder Camit:  Elder Mayes is a good ole ‘fun-loving son-uva-gun.’  He does a good job tolerating my sense of humor and for the first time in forever, I can talk my imagination!

2017-2-4-interviews-moses-lake-9The Sisters brought us some FOOD!!  Thank You!!2017-2-4-interviews-moses-lake-11

Elder Dalton and Elder Summit, together 3 days in the ML 5th Ward2017-2-4-interviews-moses-lake-12Elder Dalton:  Elder Summit likes to have fun, wants to work hard and he wants to be  here.

Elder Summit:  Elder Dalton has a love for the people, can teach really well and he looks out for everyone.

Sister Hill and Sister Banks, together 8 weeks, serving in the ML 6th & 8th Wards2017-2-4-interviews-moses-lake-19Sister Hill:  Sister Banks inspires me to be like the Savior.  She is kind and patient and shows love in all things.  She embodies the Christ-like attribute of charity.

Sister Banks:  Sister Hill is very insightful and close to the Spirit.  She’s thoughtful and a hard worker.  She is always patient.2017-2-4-interviews-moses-lake-21

Today this stake center was prepared for Stake Conference.  This afternoon the Priesthood Leadership meeting began at 4:00, followed by the traditional Soup Fest before the 7:00 evening session.  Here’s how the cultural hall looked this afternoon as we finished up–ready to feed 100s!2017-2-4-interviews-moses-lake-142017-2-4-interviews-moses-lake-152017-2-4-interviews-moses-lake-16The missionaries will come back later this evening, hungry!2017-2-4-interviews-moses-lake-17

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