Mission Leadership Council, afternoon

2017-2-7-mlc-75Before lunch we took this group photo, then we settled in with come comfort food soup and warm breads.  It was a great meal on a cold snowy day.  Yes, it’s still snowing here.2017-2-7-mlc-79I make everyone eat apples and oranges before they can have dessert!2017-2-7-mlc-802017-2-7-mlc-812017-2-7-mlc-822017-2-7-mlc-832017-2-7-mlc-842017-2-7-mlc-862017-2-7-mlc-872017-2-7-mlc-882017-2-7-mlc-892017-2-7-mlc-902017-2-7-mlc-912017-2-7-mlc-922017-2-7-mlc-932017-2-7-mlc-942017-2-7-mlc-952017-2-7-mlc-962017-2-7-mlc-972017-2-7-mlc-982017-2-7-mlc-99Today we introduced the Cocoa Puff Puds (see the recipe section) to this group.  It was a winner.  More popular than the chocolate chip cookies!  Elder Cannon wants to go make a batch all for himself!2017-2-7-mlc-1052017-2-7-mlc-1002017-2-7-mlc-772017-2-7-mlc-1022017-2-7-mlc-103Dishes and lots of help!2017-2-7-mlc-104This afternoon we talked about all the “Regulating the Mission” stuff, then we spent an hour or more talking about our mission baptismal goals for the coming months.  We ended our MLC by hearing departing testimonies from the 3 in this council who will be going home before we meet again:  Sister Averett, Sister Christensen and Sister Michalek.  We are sad these stalwart missionaries will not be here forever.2017-2-7-mlc-1082017-2-7-mlc-1102017-2-7-mlc-113Closing remarks from Pres Lewis:2017-2-7-mlc-114Then clean up and everyone headed out.2017-2-7-mlc-1172017-2-7-mlc-1192017-2-7-mlc-1202017-2-7-mlc-1232017-2-7-mlc-1242017-2-7-mlc-127Picking up supplies:2017-2-7-mlc-1282017-2-7-mlc-1292017-2-7-mlc-1302017-2-7-mlc-1312017-2-7-mlc-1332017-2-7-mlc-134Letters from Grandmas are the BEST!2017-2-7-mlc-1352017-2-7-mlc-136It was 4:30 and Still Light Outside!!  2017-2-7-mlc-1422017-2-7-mlc-1432017-2-7-mlc-1452017-2-7-mlc-1462017-2-7-mlc-1472017-2-7-mlc-1482017-2-7-mlc-1492017-2-7-mlc-1502017-2-7-mlc-1512017-2-7-mlc-1522017-2-7-mlc-1532017-2-7-mlc-154Until we meet again.2017-2-7-mlc-1552017-2-7-mlc-1562017-2-7-mlc-157These Hermanas waited for their ride to come pick them up.2017-2-7-mlc-158Hermanas Young and Hull were so excited to find their families on the board!2017-2-7-mlc-159Now they are all gone.  The Mission Home is quiet.  The pictures are posted.  The soups are eaten.  It’s dark outside and cloudy.  More snow will fall tomorrow.  I’ve had my evening cup of Ovaltine and will spend the evening catching up on my journal while Pres Lewis reads missionary letters by the fire.  It’s been a great day.

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I am member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I am currently serving as a Missionary in the Washington Yakima Mission. Welcome to my personal blog, Ann's Words, and my Mission blog, Our Yakima Mission. If you are interested in family history stories and histories, you can find those posted in Ann's Stories. Thanks for looking in!
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