Icy Rain in Yakima

Here is our front walk this morning.  It’s a sheet of ice.  No possible of walking on it and staying upright!2017-2-9-icy-rain-1

From The Yakima Herald today:

Winter storm warning issued with Yakima already blanketed for two months
It started on December 8.
That was the last day Yakima residents saw the grass in their yards. Since then, we’ve endured 62 continuous days with snow on the ground.
It’s one of the longest such streaks since the National Weather Service started recording snow coverage way back in 1946.
The longest stretch was 100 days in the winter of 1955-56.
At 62 days, it’s the eighth longest streak recorded for the city. But that’s likely to change.
The National Weather Service has issued a 24-hour winter storm warning beginning at 10 a.m. today, with a forecast of up to five more inches of snow.
“The odds are we’ll end up real close to the top five, as it will take time for snow to melt,” said Marilyn Lohmann, a hydrologist with the National Weather Service in Pendleton, Ore.

Here’s a look at Pres Lewis taking the trash can up our driveway this morning.  I thought I was filming as he went up the hill, but alas.  Too bad.  It was Hysterical.  I did film him coming back down with his little broom as a walking stick.  Everything here is covered in ICE.  The mounds of snow are covered in beautiful ice crystals now.  It looks magical, until you try to go somewhere in it!

There are some pockets of air under the ice on the driveway.  Look how beautifully that air creates designs and feathers out under the ice:

2017-2-9-icy-rain-32017-2-9-icy-rain-4We are working at home today.  I’m working on the Newsletter which should have gone out this week at MLC.  Haven’t had time to get to it yet.  It’s good we were scheduled to be home yesterday and today.  Business and schools are closed.  Roads are shut down.  All the mountain passes are closed.  It’s a slippery cold world out there!

3:00 p.m. update.  It’s raining now.  They call it icy rain when it falls like rain, then turns to ice when it hits the ground or the snow.  (There is no ground in sight around here!)  Watch this clip and you can see the raindrops bouncing off the frozen crust on the snow!

Here’s how things looked this afternoon when the sun peeked through after the icy rain:

2017-2-9-icy-rain-52017-2-9-icy-rain-72017-2-9-icy-rain-92017-2-9-icy-rain-11The branches, the smallest of them, are covered with a layer of ice.2017-2-9-icy-rain-122017-2-9-icy-rain-132017-2-9-icy-rain-142017-2-9-icy-rain-162017-2-9-icy-rain-172017-2-9-icy-rain-182017-2-9-icy-rain-192017-2-9-icy-rain-212017-2-9-icy-rain-222017-2-9-icy-rain-24It’s beautiful, but I’m ready for SPRING!

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