Interviews in Wenatchee

2017-2-14-valentines-interviews-wenatchee-1It takes about 2 hours to drive to Wenatchee from Yakima.  The weather was clear and beautiful and we traveled through Blewtt Pass, through mountains and pines.  There is a lot of snow here.  It was beautiful.  These Sisters greeted us when we arrived.  Sister Rasmussen will be Sister deJong’s Trainer and first companion.

Pres Lewis and I settled in and started interviews.  We were here for the rest of this Valentine’s Day, LOVING our missionaries!2017-2-14-valentines-interviews-wenatchee-5Waiting for interviews:2017-2-14-valentines-interviews-wenatchee-8

Elder Miles and Elder Cannon are our Wenatchee Zone Leaders, serving together 2 weeks in the Malaga Spanish area.2017-2-14-valentines-interviews-wenatchee-9Elder Miles:  I love Elder Cannon’s righteous desires to serve others and grow spiritually.  I love his example in the gospel and his diligence.

Elder Cannon:  I love that Elder Miles is a hard worker and he wants to baptize people.  I love that he loves to be obedient and he doesn’t seem to get to annoyed by me even when he probably should.

Elder Enderton and Elder Palacios, serving together 3 weeks in the Wenatchee Mission Ridge area.2017-2-14-valentines-interviews-wenatchee-11Elder Enderton:  I love how very open Elder Palacios is with people.  He’s very bold and straight-forward.  He’s good at making friends with the people we talk to.

Elder Palacios:  Elder Enderton always motivates me to write in my journal.  We’re always talking about anything and it’s fun.  He’s very unique and he loves San Francisco (where I’m from).

Hermana Bangerter and Hermana Parry, serving together for 2 weeks in the Wenatchee Sage Castle Ward2017-2-14-valentines-interviews-wenatchee-12Hermana Bangerter:  Hna Parry is always happy.  Her Spanish is amazing.  I love how good she is at following the Spirit at OYMs.

Hermana Parry:  Hermana Bangerter is a dedicated servant of the Lord and is focused on the work.  She loves everyone.  I can rely on her–she’s a great teacher.

Hermana Hinkle and Hermana Andrews, Sister Training Leaders serving for 2 weeks together in the Eastmont and Columbia Hills Wenatchee Wards2017-2-14-valentines-interviews-wenatchee-22Hermana Hinkle:  Hna Andrews is oober dedicated to running early in the morning.  She knows when I’m at a breaking point and talks me towards safety.  She eats healthy, thinks healthy and wants to baptize!

Hermana Andrews:  Hna Hinkle has this work written on her heart.  She is ALWAYS looking for ways to help others.  She is so positive about everything.

Elder Hoogland and Elder Bergman serving together 2 weeks in the Wenatchee Rocky Reach Ward.2017-2-14-valentines-interviews-wenatchee-26Elder Hoogland:  Elder Bergman is a hilarious guy.  I love his testimony and the things he teaches me.  I love his desires to find and baptize.

Elder Bergman:  I love Elder Hoogland’s awesome work ethic.  He has super awesome teaching skills.  I love his ability to talk to EVERYONE!

They told me the stake mission plan is HOPE = Helping Others Progress to Exaltation.

Sister deJong and Sister Rasmussen will be serving in the Wenatchee Mission Ridge Ward. They just met each other.  I can tell you they will love working together.  Both are from Idaho, both love music and both are really happy to be serving together.2017-2-14-valentines-interviews-wenatchee-4

Elder Hodges and Elder Sanchez, serving together 8 weeks in the Wenatchee Cashmere and Leavenworth areas.2017-2-14-valentines-interviews-wenatchee-28Elder Hodges:  Elder Sanchez is knowledgeable about anything and everything, especially Spanish grammar and culture.  He is very musically talented and I love that he is always willing to help.

Elder Sanchez:  Elder Hodges is optimistic, energetic and he loves music.


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