Interviews in Brewster, Omak Zone

2017-2-15-interviews-omak-zone-16As we left Chelan and drove further north to Brewster, we spotted these 2 long-horned sheep by the road.  We turned around, went back and watched them traipse up the snowy rocky mountainside.  It was pretty exciting.  I’ve never seen spectacular animals like this in the wild before. 2017-2-15-interviews-omak-zone-192017-2-15-interviews-omak-zone-23The world up north is cold and beautiful.  Here are a couple of shots through the car window as we followed the Columbia River heading north:2017-2-15-interviews-omak-zone-242017-2-15-interviews-omak-zone-26Brewster Chapel:2017-2-15-interviews-omak-zone-282017-2-15-interviews-omak-zone-29Elder Najarian and Elder Holley, serving together 2 weeks in Brewster2017-2-15-interviews-omak-zone-31Elder Najarian:  I love that Elder Holley is very positive.  He has a genuine love for others and the gospel.  He is fun to be around and knows EVERYTHING about Star Wars.

Elder Holley:  Elder Najarian is super hardworking.  He’s a Blues superstar (piano) and he speaks awesome Spanish.

2017-2-15-interviews-omak-zone-33The Cocoa Puff Puds are being Very well received.2017-2-15-interviews-omak-zone-34

Elder Rigby and Elder Garcia, serving together 2 weeks in Brewster2017-2-15-interviews-omak-zone-35Elder Rigby:  Elder Garcia is helping me relax and enjoy my mission and this journey.  His is positive and a great teacher.

Elder Garcia:  I love Elder Rigby’s desires to work.  He’s a wonderful example to me.  I love his love for the people he works with.2017-2-15-interviews-omak-zone-38

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I am member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I am currently serving as a Missionary in the Washington Yakima Mission. Welcome to my personal blog, Ann's Words, and my Mission blog, Our Yakima Mission. If you are interested in family history stories and histories, you can find those posted in Ann's Stories. Thanks for looking in!
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