Interviews in Omak with Coulee Dam, Oroville and Omak Spanish Elders

2017-2-15-interviews-omak-zone-39Next stop:  Omak.  Here are the wonderful Elders serving in the rest of the Omak Zone.

Elder Harman and Elder Allsop are the Zone Leaders here.  They’ve served together 2 weeks in Omak.

Elder Harman:  Elder Allsop is funny.  He loves to work and I love how we are always laughing and having fun.

Elder Allsop:  Three things I love about Elder Harman:  he’s humble, he’s sincere and he’s a super good teacher.


Elder Saitman and Elder Sandholz, serving together 9 weeks in Coulee Dam Ward2017-2-15-interviews-omak-zone-43Elder Saitman:  Elder Sandholz is funny.  His humor is pretty personal and intellectual.  He’s sincere–he always has the best intentions.  He’s incredibly honest about everything.  I love his desire to improve.  He is always willing to change and wants to come closer to God in everything he does.

Elder Sandholz:  Elder Saitman is spontaneous, fun, sporadic and crazy!  He’s really creative.  He comes up with songs and makes up lyrics.  I love his sincere desire for the work, to be a good companion, and to be constantly improving.

Note to mom:2017-2-15-interviews-omak-zone-45

Elder Bonny and Elder Christensen, serving together 2 weeks in Oroville2017-2-15-interviews-omak-zone-49Elder Bonny:  Elder Christensen has an incredibly profound and intricate knowledge of Disney films.  He is a great listener of the Spirit.  We trust each other.

Elder Christensen:  Elder Bonny is very clear when teaching.  He makes sense and connects well with people.  I love that he is willing to work and willing to try stuff.  He always says, “I’m down for that!”

Elder Aguilar and Elder Gaeta, serving together 3 weeks in Omak2017-2-15-interviews-omak-zone-52Elder Aguilar:  Things I love about Elder Gaeta:  we relate to one another, he gets along well with people, and he’s funny!

Elder Gaeta:  Elder Aguilar is hilarious, we get along well, our attitudes and teaching styles are similar.2017-2-15-interviews-omak-zone-56All of these Elders speak Spanish and teach everyone they find, whether it be in Spanish or in English.  This is a really happy zone and good things are happening here.

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