Interviews in Wenatchee

2017-2-16-interviews-ml-quincy-2This morning we were back in Wenatchee for the English half of the Zone.  We were greeted by these fine Elders.  Elder Ackerman slipped on the ice last week and broke his leg by the ankle.  He’ll be on crutches for about 6 weeks.  Agh.

Elder Johnson and Elder Ackerman have served together about 3 weeks in the Wenatchee Rocky Reach Ward.  Elder Ackerman will be heading to Zillah where there is flat ground and a car.2017-2-16-interviews-ml-quincy-5Elder Johnson:  I love that Elder Ackerman is diligent, he has a great desire to work and he has a high pain tolerance.

Elder Ackerman:  Elder Johnson is super focused, pretty funny and a great teacher.2017-2-16-interviews-ml-quincy-1

Elder Oliverson and Elder Olson, serving together 3 weeks in the Wenatchee Columbia Hills Ward2017-2-16-interviews-ml-quincy-6Elder Oliverson:  Elder Olson knows a lot about sewing.  He’s very funny (he always has a joke or two), and I love that he is real–he takes everything into factor.  He’s Freaking Awesome!

Elder Olson:  Three things I love about Elder Oliverson:  he’s super funny, he works hard and he’s humble and loving.  He also loves bacon.


Sister Heffernan and Sister Skousen, serving together almost 3 weeks in the Wenatchee Eastmont Ward2017-2-16-interviews-ml-quincy-13Sister Heffernan:  I love Sister Skousen’s devotion to the work.  She has amazing talent at all sports and I love how firm she is in what she believes and who she is.

Sister Skousen:  Sister Heffernan LOVES the gospel.  She’s a peacemaker and I love how obedient and hard-working she is.2017-2-16-interviews-ml-quincy-14

Sister Smith and Sister Wadman, serving together 2 weeks in the Wenatchee Castlerock and YSA Wards2017-2-16-interviews-ml-quincy-18Sister Smith:  Things I love about my companion: her smile, her optimism and how she sees the hand of the Lord in Everything!

Sister Wadman:  Sister Smith is smart (really really smart).  She is genuine with everything.  She is the sweetest person you will ever meet!!2017-2-16-interviews-ml-quincy-19

Sister deJong and Sister Rasmussen, serving together 2 days in the Wenatchee Mission Ridge Ward2017-2-16-interviews-ml-quincy-23Sister deJong:  Things I love about Sister Rasmussen:  her testimony, her smile and her love for everyone.

Sister Rasmussen:  Sister deJong is super diligent and always asks, “What’s next?”  She has a bold strong testimony.  She has tons of “greenie fire!”

Elder Nicoll and Elder Painter, serving together 3 weeks in the Wenatchee River and Leavenworth Wards2017-2-16-interviews-ml-quincy-26Elder Nicoll:  Things I love about Elder Painter:  he has charity, he is unbiased and loving to all and I love his beautiful and strong testimony.

Elder Painter:  my companion is diligent, he wants to do his best and I love that he wants to be changed by his mission.

Cool tie:2017-2-16-interviews-ml-quincy-25Elder Painter got this fabulous letter from his home ward Primary:2017-2-16-interviews-ml-quincy-28

Elder Hamblin and Elder Ence, serving together 3 weeks in the Wenatchee Sage Hills Ward

Elder Hamblin:  Elder Ence is super funny–he does the strangest things that always make me laugh.  He is loving–he always looks for ways to make my life easier and to help me.  He is hard-working–he is always willing to go out and do good.

Elder Ence:  I love that Elder Hamblin is humble.  He is very forgiving and willing to learn.  His is funny.  He makes me laugh at least 10 times a day.  He is sincere.  He tells me

As we were finishing up, these STLs dropped by and we got to visit a bit with them and these wonderful ladies who always help the missionaries.2017-2-16-interviews-ml-quincy-29Pres Lewis with a recent convert:2017-2-16-interviews-ml-quincy-30Sisters doing exchanges:2017-2-16-interviews-ml-quincy-31

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