Days for Girls Event, Selah

2017-2-18-zdfg-selah-7Today was one of the best days ever.  We had our monthly Days for Girls work day, this time at the Selah Stake Center.  Women from all around the valleys came to help us make and assemble DfG kits for girls in places where they have no feminine hygiene products.  These girls have to miss a week of school each month, or they just drop out of school all together.  We can do something about that and we do.  These kits are washable and reusable and will last up to 3 years, often longer.  Long enough to help a girl get an education and gain some marketable skills.  This is the best humanitarian project I’ve ever known.  It’s what I did full time before coming on this mission.  I spent 4 years living in Africa.  I understand the need.  I love helping in this way and am grateful for all those who have joined us to help young women around the world.

Last year 850 beautiful kits were sent out from this group.  We have about that many more completed and spoken for.  This is a happy wonderful work!  Come take a look–

2017-2-18-zdfg-selah-1Ann Barduhn (above on the right) is the Selah Stake Relief Society President.  Kathy Hale (below) is the Yakima Stake Relief Society President.2017-2-18 zDfG Selah (20).JPGThis is Barbara.  We met her at the Harman Senior Center here in Yakima.  She was part of the quilt group meeting there.  She doesn’t miss an event.  She’s one of our Bag Ladies!2017-2-18-zdfg-selah-102017-2-18-zdfg-selah-12Today we assembled almost 200 kits!  2017-2-18-zdfg-selah-142017-2-18-zdfg-selah-182017-2-18-zdfg-selah-212017-2-18-zdfg-selah-22Many of our missionaries came to help too!  They are learning about making a difference in the world in so many ways.  This is an amazing generation.2017-2-18-zdfg-selah-252017-2-18-zdfg-selah-262017-2-18-zdfg-selah-312017-2-18-zdfg-selah-392017-2-18-zdfg-selah-41I tell the Elders, “Only real men can say ‘feminine hygiene.'”2017-2-18-zdfg-selah-422017-2-18-zdfg-selah-442017-2-18-zdfg-selah-45Dan (above) and his wife Benita (below) are a huge help.  Dan works at a local sewing machine shop.  He donates his time to help service anyone’s machine at our events.  His wife, Benita told me that after she retired, she was walking through her house, praying to God to help her find something to do to fill her time.  That day Dan came home from work telling the story of Days for Girls.  Sharon Smith had taken a machine in to be serviced so we could use it at these events.  She told him about what we do.  Benita asked to know more.  They both came to our next event at the Senior Center.  Now they take carloads of fabric home each month to serge and Benita has invited her friends to help.  Today Benita told me that with every strip she serges, she says a prayer for the girls who will someday use the kits made from her pieces.  So much love goes into this work.  It’s a beautiful thing.2017-2-18-zdfg-selah-462017-2-18-zdfg-selah-502017-2-18-zdfg-selah-52Even little hands can help add the soap to the kits as as they are assembled.2017-2-18-zdfg-selah-55Every girl gets 2 moisture proof shields that snap around the underwear.  They also get 8 of these flannel pads that can be washed.2017-2-18-zdfg-selah-572017-2-18-zdfg-selah-592017-2-18-zdfg-selah-602017-2-18-zdfg-selah-612017-2-18-zdfg-selah-662017-2-18-zdfg-selah-69These Sisters are assembling and sewing the shields.2017-2-18-zdfg-selah-71This is the waterproof liner that goes into the shields.2017-2-18-zdfg-selah-722017-2-18-zdfg-selah-93


2017-2-18-zdfg-selah-762017-2-18-zdfg-selah-78Every girl also gets a card to track her monthly cycle.2017-2-18-zdfg-selah-792017-2-18-zdfg-selah-982017-2-18-zdfg-selah-992017-2-18-zdfg-selah-1002017-2-18-zdfg-selah-1052017-2-18-zdfg-selah-1082017-2-18-zdfg-selah-1102017-2-18-zdfg-selah-1112017-2-18-zdfg-selah-1122017-2-18-zdfg-selah-1132017-2-18-zdfg-selah-119An excellent day’s work:2017-2-18-zdfg-selah-812017-2-18-zdfg-selah-842017-2-18-zdfg-selah-90Most of these kits will go to Haiti.  Some will go to Africa.  Some with go elsewhere.  Each kit will change a life.

To see more pictures from today, go to our Days for Girls Yakima Team Facebook page.


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