Zone Conference in Yakima

2017-2-21-zc-yakima-1Zone Conference Days are Fun.  Today was great.  We had all the missionaries from the Yakima, Yakima Valley, The Dalles and Selah Zones here.  There were about 100 of us.  The best part is watching them cheer each other on and watching former companions meet up again.  There is such camaraderie here!  You can see it in their faces as you scroll through these photos.


2017-2-21-zc-yakima-32017-2-21-zc-yakima-42017-2-21-zc-yakima-52017-2-21-zc-yakima-82017-2-21-zc-yakima-92017-2-21-zc-yakima-102017-2-21-zc-yakima-112017-2-21-zc-yakima-122017-2-21-zc-yakima-132017-2-21-zc-yakima-142017-2-21-zc-yakima-152017-2-21-zc-yakima-172017-2-21-zc-yakima-182017-2-21-zc-yakima-192017-2-21-zc-yakima-202017-2-21-zc-yakima-212017-2-21-zc-yakima-242017-2-21-zc-yakima-262017-2-21-zc-yakima-28Meet the Royals from Yakima.  They are our new JustServe Coordinators.2017-2-21-zc-yakima-292017-2-21-zc-yakima-352017-2-21-zc-yakima-422017-2-21-zc-yakima-432017-2-21-zc-yakima-45Elder Leavitt and Elder Christensen from The Dalles Zone conducted the meeting.  They are going over the agenda.2017-2-21-zc-yakima-462017-2-21-zc-yakima-492017-2-21-zc-yakima-482017-2-21-zc-yakima-502017-2-21-zc-yakima-522017-2-21-zc-yakima-542017-2-21-zc-yakima-562017-2-21-zc-yakima-62Our Mission Song, Called to Serve with the 2 verses translated from the Spanish Hymnal:2017-2-21-zc-yakima-63Each time we repeat one of our mission mottoes.  Today it was our Missionary Commission:2017-2-21-zc-yakima-64Here’s the agenda for our meeting.  2017-2-21-zc-yakima-652017-2-21-zc-yakima-66We showed parts of the special training given to Mission Presidents in December with our missionaries today.  After each segment, we had breakout sessions, by zone to discuss what was taught and heard.2017-2-21-zc-yakima-702017-2-21-zc-yakima-712017-2-21-zc-yakima-78Before lunch we took our group photo:2017-2-21-zc-yakima-80Then we had a fine Sandwich Spread, thanks to our wonderful local Relief Society ladies.2017-2-21-zc-yakima-912017-2-21-zc-yakima-922017-2-21-zc-yakima-93Our local members are So Kind to us.  They love taking turns feeding us.  We are so grateful.2017-2-21-zc-yakima-952017-2-21-zc-yakima-962017-2-21-zc-yakima-982017-2-21-zc-yakima-992017-2-21-zc-yakima-1002017-2-21-zc-yakima-1012017-2-21-zc-yakima-1022017-2-21-zc-yakima-1042017-2-21-zc-yakima-1052017-2-21-zc-yakima-1082017-2-21-zc-yakima-1092017-2-21-zc-yakima-1112017-2-21-zc-yakima-1142017-2-21-zc-yakima-1172017-2-21-zc-yakima-1182017-2-21-zc-yakima-1202017-2-21-zc-yakima-1212017-2-21-zc-yakima-1222017-2-21-zc-yakima-1232017-2-21-zc-yakima-129Singing our thanks to these wonderful Sisters2017-2-21-zc-yakima-1302017-2-21-zc-yakima-131After lunch we celebrated birthdays, then President Lewis did the “Regulating the Mission” business, we heard from the office couples and the Royals about JustServe.2017-2-21-zc-yakima-1342017-2-21-zc-yakima-163We finished up around 4:00 after hearing departing testimonies from about 12 Sisters who will be going home during the next 2 transfers.  Next month we’ll have a visiting General Authority, so we won’t take time from him for the April departing missionaries.  We have no Elders going home until July.  We are losing so many wonderful Sisters in the coming months. . .

The Newsletter went to press yesterday morning.  Phew.  Done in time for today.  I’m a few weeks late getting it printed.  It makes me happy to watch everyone turn right to the pages filled with baptisms.  They want to see if people they taught continue progressing after they’re transferred to new areas.2017-2-21-zc-yakima-1642017-2-21-zc-yakima-1662017-2-21-zc-yakima-1672017-2-21-zc-yakima-1702017-2-21-zc-yakima-1722017-2-21-zc-yakima-1752017-2-21-zc-yakima-1762017-2-21-zc-yakima-1792017-2-21-zc-yakima-1842017-2-21-zc-yakima-1872017-2-21-zc-yakima-1882017-2-21-zc-yakima-1892017-2-21-zc-yakima-1902017-2-21-zc-yakima-1942017-2-21-zc-yakima-1952017-2-21-zc-yakima-1972017-2-21-zc-yakima-1992017-2-21-zc-yakima-2012017-2-21-zc-yakima-2022017-2-21-zc-yakima-2042017-2-21-zc-yakima-2052017-2-21-zc-yakima-2062017-2-21-zc-yakima-2132017-2-21-zc-yakima-2142017-2-21-zc-yakima-2162017-2-21-zc-yakima-2192017-2-21-zc-yakima-2212017-2-21-zc-yakima-2232017-2-21-zc-yakima-2342017-2-21-zc-yakima-2352017-2-21-zc-yakima-2372017-2-21-zc-yakima-242I’m sending a load of Days for Girls fabric down to The Dalles.  They want to get started with a service project next month!  2017-2-21-zc-yakima-2442017-2-21-zc-yakima-247What a great day.  What great missionaries.  My heart feels happy after days like today.2017-2-21-zc-yakima-249

I will post every single picture taken today in an album on our Washington-Yakima LDS Mission Facebook page if you’d like to see even more.

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I am member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I am currently serving as a Missionary in the Washington Yakima Mission. Welcome to my personal blog, Ann's Words, and my Mission blog, Our Yakima Mission. If you are interested in family history stories and histories, you can find those posted in Ann's Stories. Thanks for looking in!
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