Zone Conference in Wenatchee with the Omak and Wenatchee Zones

2017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-1We headed north before the sun rose this morning for our Zone Conference in Wenatchee.  It was a peaceful 2 hour drive.  The car inspections were underway as we pulled into the parking lot and found all the mission cars lined up in a row with Elder and Sister Van De Venter and their helpers inspecting each one.  We found these at the end of the row:2017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-2It was warmer inside and we were greeted by excited missionaries.2017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-42017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-52017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-62017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-72017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-82017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-92017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-102017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-112017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-122017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-132017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-142017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-15Elder Allsop and Elder Harman with agendas preparing to conduct the meeting:2017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-18Ugliest ties:2017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-192017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-202017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-21The Lommassons and Arbogasts, service missionaries who help with housing needs up north.  We love them.2017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-22Elder Olson with some fabric for his next handmade tie:2017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-242017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-252017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-27We began the meeting at 9:00 with a rousing opening hymn:  “Called to Serve.”2017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-282017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-292017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-302017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-312017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-32Then we recited our Missionary Commission (Elder Bruce R. McConkie).2017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-33These are the Mottos the missionaries recite in their District and Zone Meetings:2017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-342017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-35Conducting today:2017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-37President Lewis taught first, and we watched and discussed some parts of the special broadcast given to Mission Presidents in December about Teaching Repentance and Baptizing Converts.2017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-382017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-402017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-412017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-42After each video clip, we broke into Zones and talked about what we were learning.2017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-432017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-442017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-472017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-512017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-53Elder Neil Anderson’s training was about working with youth between the ages of 15 and 25.  These youth are amazing.  Here are some of the reasons why:2017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-562017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-57Before lunch we took our group photo:2017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-61We had one solo Relief Society Sister serving us lunch today (but help from several others).  We are always grateful for the food prepared for us.2017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-712017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-722017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-732017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-752017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-762017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-772017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-782017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-812017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-822017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-832017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-842017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-862017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-892017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-902017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-912017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-92After lunch we celebrated all the birthdays from February to April.2017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-96Singing Happy Birthday with gusto:2017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-972017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-992017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-100We had some training on using technology.  Still no word on iPads for our mission.  Maybe someday.2017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-1022017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-1042017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-1052017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-106Elder and Sister Royal from Yakima taught the missionaries about JustServe and how to be involved in community service.  Each missionary is encouraged to do up to 10 hours of service each week.  Some projects are planned, some are spontaneous.  We help wherever we can.  The Royals explained the best ways to serve appropriately.2017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-1072017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-121Elder Sanchez played an amazing piano arrangement of sacred hymns before we heard closing testimonies from those who will be departing in the coming weeks.  2017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-122When I asked to see his music, here’s what he showed me.  He is amazing on the piano, self taught and truly amazing.2017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-123After the testimonies and closing prayer, we gave out the Newsletters.2017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-1252017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-1262017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-1272017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-128Sister call takes care of the phones.  Imagine taking care of about 80-90 phones all over the WYM!  She deals with lost phones, upgrades and problems of all sorts.2017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-1292017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-1302017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-1312017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-1332017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-1342017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-1362017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-1372017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-1392017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-1402017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-1412017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-1422017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-1432017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-1442017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-1472017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-1482017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-1492017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-1502017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-1522017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-1532017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-1572017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-1592017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-1622017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-1652017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-1662017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-1722017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-174It’s really hard to scoot everyone out the door at the end of the day.  We’re getting better at it.  Everyone loves to linger and visit.  2017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-1752017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-1772017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-180Reviewing the day and preparing for our Zone Conference tomorrow in Moses Lake.  We keep marching.  We love this work.  We are tired sometimes, but we love this work.2017-2-22-zc-wenatchee-182All of the photos taken today will be posted in an album on our mission FB page.

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I am member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I am currently serving as a Missionary in the Washington Yakima Mission. Welcome to my personal blog, Ann's Words, and my Mission blog, Our Yakima Mission. If you are interested in family history stories and histories, you can find those posted in Ann's Stories. Thanks for looking in!
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