Interviews in Othello

2017-2-25-othello-interveiws-stake-conf-1It’s Friday, so it must be Othello!  We are on the road again, this time for interviews and Stake Conference in Othello, the promised land.  Missionaries BEG to stay in Othello once they’ve served here.  It’s a little tricky coming to a Stake Conference here because the members and missionaries plead with us to not be moved from this place.

This was on the wall of the room where I visited with the missionaries during the interviews:2017-2-25-othello-interveiws-stake-conf-2Today’s schedule before we got behind:  (We ALWAYS get behind.)2017-2-25-othello-interveiws-stake-conf-3

Zone Leaders, Elder Aguirre and Elder Favila, serving together 4 weeks in the Othello 1st and 4th Wards2017-2-25-othello-interveiws-stake-conf-4Elder Aguirre:  Three things I love best about my companion:  He has a funny personality, he’d diligent and understanding of others and he’s the type of person you want to have as a friend.

Elder Favila:  Elder Aguirre is super sincere, he’s fun to work with and he’s constantly striving to do something more.

This is a “Tri-pan” –Hermanas Shewell, Luevano, and Stocking, serving together 4 weeks in Warden2017-2-25-othello-interveiws-stake-conf-7Hermana Shewell:  Hermana Stocking is “the socks to my shoes” (get it?  Shoe-well and Stocking), she makes me laugh or we sympathetic laugh together, and I love her powerful testimony and ability to share it with everyone.

Hermana Shewell:  I love Hermana Luevano’s personality.  She loves everyone, is happy and always helping.  She’s funny.  Her Hispanic rubs off on me. Haha.  I love her example of how to live the gospel and be Christlike.

Hermana Luevano:  Hermana Shewell is genuine.  She’ll only do things if she means it.  She’s not fake.  I love that she’s caring–about the investigators and about how we are physically, mentally and etc.  She is funny!  She can make a bad situation seem light and “enjoyable.”

Hermana Luevano:  Hermana Stocking is a great friend.  She’ll be 100% real with you.  She’s selfless and always thinking of others and how to help them.  I love that she is patient (even though she thinks otherwise).  She has lots of patience in situations and with me Haha.

Hermana Stocking:  I love Hermana Shewell.  She is one of the sweetest most caring people I know.  She is very selfless and always looks outsider herself.  She’s always happy and cheerful about every situation.

Hermana Stocking:  Hermana Luevano is so funny!  She keeps me laughing.  She loves everyone no matter who they are or what they’ve done.  She has such a desire to serve others and share the gospel.

Hermana Luevano wasn’t feeling so great today:2017-2-25-othello-interveiws-stake-conf-10

Elder Fordham and Elder Adams, serving together 4 weeks in the Othello 2nd and 4th Wards2017-2-25-othello-interveiws-stake-conf-16Elder Fordham:  Elder Adams is Funny.  He’s a silly guy and he tells great jokes.  He’s a great story teller.  He’s always telling stories.  He’s also very articulate.

Elder Adams:  Elder Fordham is super knowledgeable and understands the scriptures.  He is not afraid to correct others or give advice and he is refreshingly straightforward.  Elder Fordham is a fun and entertaining person; he can have amazing conversations.

Take a look at Elder Fordham’s handmade side saddles:2017-2-25-othello-interveiws-stake-conf-192017-2-25-othello-interveiws-stake-conf-142017-2-25-othello-interveiws-stake-conf-15Tracting area:2017-2-25-othello-interveiws-stake-conf-252017-2-25-othello-interveiws-stake-conf-242017-2-25-othello-interveiws-stake-conf-21

Elder Pruitt and Elder Buchanan, serving together 4 weeks in Mattawa2017-2-25-othello-interveiws-stake-conf-22Elder Pruitt:  Elder Buchanan is very calm and never overreacts.  He’s the calm one in the companionship.  He’s never a force of opposition.  He has the qualities of “being as a little child” without being naive or ignorant.  His laugh is uplifting.  I love his joyfulness.

Elder Buchanan:  3 things I love best about my companion:  He sings ALL the time.  (He’s Zach Ephron), his good attitude, and his willingness to work hard.

2017-2-25-othello-interveiws-stake-conf-29Elder Rameriz and Elder Klossner, serving together 11 weeks in Othello 3rd Ward

Elder Rameriz:  Elder Klossner is a good teacher.  He is very spiritual and he is very honest.

Elder Klossner:  Elder Rameriz loves to work, he tries to learn and he is always happy.

2017-2-25-othello-interveiws-stake-conf-31As we finished interviews, the cultural hall was prepared for the Priesthood Leadership session of Stake Conference, followed by the Saturday evening adult session.

The Relief Society sisters provide relief to the hungry priesthood leaders.  They always have a delicious soup, bread and cookies for those who have traveled to this meeting.  They are kind and good.2017-2-25-othello-interveiws-stake-conf-32

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