Interviews with the Yakima Valley Spanish Zone

We continued interviewing today in Yakima with the Yakima Valley Spanish Zone.  This is an amazing active hard-working group of missionaries.

Elder Kiser and Elder Wunderlich are the Zone Leaders, serving together 4 weeks in the Yakima North East area and the Englewood Rama2017-2-28-interviews-yak-valley-1Elder Kiser:  3 things I love about Elder Wunderlich:  he puts 100% thought into whatever he is doing.  He is very obedient.  He is super patient with everything.

Elder Wunderlich:  I love Elder Kiser’s desire to be a good missionary.  I love his sense of humor and his gospel knowledge.

Elder Nielson and Elder Jensen, serving together 4 weeks in the Yakima East area.2017-2-28-interviews-yak-valley-2Elder Nielson:  I love Elder Jensen’s desire to be a good missionary, his sense of humor and his gospel knowledge.

Elder Jensen:  Elder Nielson knows his stuff.  He always does stuff for everyone.  His is calm.2017-2-28-interviews-yak-valley-6

Hermana Powell and Hermana Dungan, serving together for 4 weeks in the Moxee and Terrace Heights Ward2017-2-28-interviews-yak-valley-11Hermana Powell:  Hna Dungan is devoted 1st to God.  She is herself, genuine and precious.  She loves the gospel and God’s children.

Hermana Dungan:  Hna Powell loves people, she smiles a lot and she loves the work.

Elder Gallacher and Elder West, serving together 4 weeks in the Yakima Union Gap area2017-2-28-interviews-yak-valley-14Elder Gallacher:  Elder West has endless knowledge about history, scriptures and science.  I love the way he presents facts and tells stories.  I love his willingness to adapt and change.

Elder West:  I love Elder Gallacher’s diligence, his desire to work, to improve talents (he sings all the time), and I love the new insights he shares.  We have a lot of differences and helps me see things in a new way.2017-2-28-interviews-yak-valley-152017-2-28-interviews-yak-valley-182017-2-28-interviews-yak-valley-20

Elder Donakey and Elder Nelson, serving together 4 weeks in the Selah and Naches Spanish areas2017-2-28-interviews-yak-valley-24Elder Donakey:  Elder Nelson is HILARIOUS.  He knows the scriptures and he doesn’t back down.

Elder Nelson:  Elder Donakey has great communication/people skills.  He knows the scriptures well and he has an honest desire to do the right.2017-2-28-interviews-yak-valley-252017-2-28-interviews-yak-valley-26

Hermana Young and Hermana Hull, serving together 4 weeks in Yakima Valley North area2017-2-28-interviews-yak-valley-27Hermana Young:  I love Hna Hull’s greenie fire, her enthusiasm.  I love the fact that she cries when she feels the Spirit.  I love her love of the Gospel and her faith even through trials.

Hermana Hull:  We can talk about anything and everything and be open and honest.  I love her sense of humor and her smile!  I love her testimony of Jesus Christ and the Gospel and missionary work.  She is my best friend!2017-2-28-interviews-yak-valley-352017-2-28-interviews-yak-valley-38

Elders Richardson, Amat and Steadman, serving together 4 weeks in the Yakima South East area and the Terrace Heights Branch2017-2-28-interviews-yak-valley-43Elder Richardson:  Elder Amat is full of energy.  He’s always moving forward and he is always willing to improve.

Elder Richardson:  Elder Steadman is a great teacher.  He’s very kind and loving.  He’s always looking to help others.

Elder Amat:  Elder Richardson is super spiritual, he helps me improve and he has a super cool vibe around him.

Elder Amat:  Elder Steadman is super smart, I love his red hair and he helps keep me in check, reminding me of why I am here.

Elder Steadman:  Elder Richardson has a strong desire to work, he’s driven to learn Spanish and he meaningfully studies the Book of Mormon.

Elder Steadman:  Elder Amat is funny, good at taking the lead, and he’s a good teacher.


Elder Colunga-Florez and Elder Beaumont, serving together for 11 weeks in the Yakima South area2017-2-28-interviews-yak-valley-50Elder Colunga-Florez:  I love that Elder Beaumont is a very hard worker.  He’s super funny.  We have common interests and bond over past experiences.  I love the love he has for everyone.

Elder Beaumont:  Elder Colunga is hilarious–he’s always making jokes.  He has taught me how to relax.  He’s really spiritual.

Hermana Torrez and Hermana Pons

Hermana Torrez:  Hna Pons cooks for all of us almost every day, even when she has other things to do!  She is selfless.  She always laughs things off and brings joy to almost every situation.  She is willing to compromise and even though we have completely different ideas most of the time, it all works out!

Hermana Pons:  3 things I love about Hna Torrez:  She is so open!  She will always take your opinion and try to see your view on things.  She is extremely patient and never rushes me.

As we left the Englewood building tonight, the Cub Scouts were enjoying this Pine Wood Derby Event:2017-2-28-interviews-yak-valley-52

2017-2-28 Interviews Yak Valley (48).JPG

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