Interviews in Selah with some of the Selah Zone

2017-3-1-interviews-selah-7This morning we met in the Selah Stake Center with part of the Selah Zone.  Here’s how our day looked:2017-3-1-interviews-selah-6

Elder Carroll and Elder Hansen, Selah Zone Leaders, serving together 11 weeks in the Selah 1st Ward2017-3-1-interviews-selah-1Elder Carroll:  3 things I love best about Elder Hansen:  his ways of thinking outside the box, his ability to always choose righteously, and his expert level of sport play.

Elder Hansen:  I love that Elder Carroll works real hard like.  He makes up his mind real fast.  He knows lots about cars.

Sister Boehmer and Sister Trump, serving together 2 weeks in the Selah 2nd Ward2017-3-1-interviews-selah-8Sister Boehmer:  Sister Trump knows who she is and what she wants to do.  I love her strong faith and testimony.  She has genuine love for me and everyone around.

Sister Trump:  I love Sister Boehmer’s spunky personality, her love for food and her British accent!

Elder Tietjen and Elder Folkman, serving together 4 weeks in the Naches Ward2017-3-1-interviews-selah-14Elder Tietjen:  Elder Folkman is down to earh and a super REAL person.  He’s super motivating to do things that help us work hard and be healthy.  He understands people, especially me.

Elder Folkman:  I’m happy Elder Tietjen likes to work outQ  We both love music and he invites the Spirit.

Sister Don and Sister Adamson, serving together 2 weeks in the Terrace Heights Ward2017-3-1-interviews-selah-17Sister Don:  Sister Adamson is hilarious without meaning to be.  We can mess with each other and know we still love each other.  She wants to work hard!

Sister Adamson:  Sister Don is kind, she’s funny and she is willing to work hard.


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