Interviews in Ephrata

2017-3-4-interviews-ephrata-1Today we traveled up to Ephrata (about 100 miles) to meet with this fine Zone.  We were greeted by some pretty wild ties.  These Elders think they’re pretty funny!  The ties will go. Here’s the ideal schedule that we were behind on after one interview. . . 2017-3-4-interviews-ephrata-5

Elder Burbank and Elder Roe, Zone Leaders in Ephrata, serving together 12 weeks in the Ephrata 3rd Ward2017-3-4-interviews-ephrata-2Elder Burbank:  Elder Roe has a good sense of humor.  He’s very flexible about what we should do.  I love that he exercises and plays basketball with me!

Elder Roe:  Things I love about Elder Burbank:  his humor, athleticism, kindness, he’s hard-working and he’s charitable.

Elder Nielsen and Elder Peterson, serving together 5 weeks in the Ephrata 1st Ward2017-3-4-interviews-ephrata-3Elder Nielsen:  Elder Peterson has a great sense of humor.  He keeps things lively.  I love the effort he makes–he’s willing to get out and do the work.  He’s got a lot of doctrinal knowledge.

Elder Peterson:  I love that Elder Nielsen loves to tract.  He’s a great teacher and he loves bagels (he’s eaten about 34 this week!).

Sister Harty and Sister Hopkins, serving together 4+ weeks in the Ephrata 2nd Ward2017-3-4-interviews-ephrata-15Sister Harty:  Sister Hopkins is fun, she doesn’t judge and she is loving.

Sister Hopkins:  Sister Harty has a beautiful singing voice, I love her drive to teach repentance and her ability to love others.

Hermana Baird and Hermana Buss, serving together 4+ weeks in the Ephrata Spanish group2017-3-4-interviews-ephrata-16Hermana Baird:  3 things I love about Hermana Baird:  her big heart, her writing quotes and memories on post-it notes everywhere and her glasses.

Hermana Buss:  Hermana Baird is a very hard worker.  She is super musically talented and she has tons of energy.2017-3-4-interviews-ephrata-17After interviews, the Elders headed to a service project.2017-3-4-interviews-ephrata-9Here’s how they left their clothes behind, ready to return this evening for Stake Conference:2017-3-4-interviews-ephrata-182017-3-4-interviews-ephrata-192017-3-4-interviews-ephrata-20They returned later this afternoon, exhausted after helping a lady with some cement work.2017-3-4-interviews-ephrata-21

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