Interviews with the Omak Zone

2017-3-22 Interviews Omak Zone (2)Omak was our next destination, up at the north end of our mission.  Here are the wonderful Elders serving in the Omak Zone.

Elder Harman and Elder Allsop are our Zone Leaders serving in Okanogan2017-3-22 Interviews Omak Zone (3)What is the best piece of advice your mother ever gave you?

Elder Harman:  Do as I say, not as I do!

Elder Allsop: It’s not what she tole me, it’s the way she listened to whatever I said.  My mom is the greatest listener and I appreciate that and have learned so much from her example.

Elder Camit and Elder Saitman serving in Coulee Dam2017-3-22 Interviews Omak Zone (4)Elder Camit:  Stick to a task till it sticks to you . . . beginners are many, but enders are few. Never stop smiling and loving.

Elder Saitman: Remember to Pray.

Tripan: Elder Enderton, Elder Bonny and Elder Christensen serving in Oroville2017-3-22 Interviews Omak Zone (7)Elder Enderton:  Always be nice to people and always smile.

Elder Bonny:  Trust me.  Be careful what friends you choose.

Elder Christensen:  Read the scriptures daily.2017-3-22 Interviews Omak Zone (1)2017-3-22 Interviews Omak Zone (8)2017-3-22 Interviews Omak Zone (11)2017-3-22 Interviews Omak Zone (13)Box received!2017-3-22 Interviews Omak Zone (14)Companion Study happening here with The District:2017-3-22 Interviews Omak Zone (17)2017-3-22 Interviews Omak Zone (16)2017-3-22 Interviews Omak Zone (18)

Elder Aguilar and Elder Shoemaker serving in Omak2017-3-22 Interviews Omak Zone (19)Elder Aguilar: Don’t be a pig!!

Elder Shoemaker:  Trust in the Lord, and He will give you blessings (like Transformers: Fall of Cybertron).2017-3-22 Interviews Omak Zone (21)2017-3-22 Interviews Omak Zone (22)2017-3-22 Interviews Omak Zone (26)A full day of goodness.2017-3-22 Interviews Omak Zone (24)

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