Interviews in the Yakima Zone

2017-3-28 Interviews Yakima, Toppenish (2)We got to visit with members of the Yakima Zone today at the Stake Center in Yakima.  Here’s how the first part of our day unfolded.  2017-3-28 Interviews Yakima, Toppenish (1)Our Easter pass along cards have arrived!2017-3-28 Interviews Yakima, Toppenish (3)

Elder Ranta and Elder Hoskins are the Yakima Zone Leaders serving in the Cottonwood Canyon and YSA Wards.  In answer to “What is the best piece of advice your mother ever gave you?” these missionaries gave the following answers:2017-3-28 Interviews Yakima, Toppenish (4)Elder Ranta:  Though she never physically said the words, my mother was a wonderful esample of trusting in Divine intervention/guidance.  Many times growing up I would report to my mom that I had made a decision about something, usually a wrong choice. . . .  My mother would show her love for me, and my agency, and would pray that the Holy Ghost would help me see reason.  Always, always did her faith enable me to receive spiritual inspiration and revelation.

Elder Hoskins: Just be yourself.2017-3-28 Interviews Yakima, Toppenish (6)

Elder Allen and Elder Christiansen serving together in the Yakima Summitview Ward2017-3-28 Interviews Yakima, Toppenish (9)Elder Allen:  be charitable to everyone.  Serve them, help them.  The thing that makes you most happy in life is when you put a smile on someone’s face when you serve them.

Elder Christiansen:  You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.  You make me happy, when skies are grey. . . .2017-3-28 Interviews Yakima, Toppenish (11)

Elder Criddle and Elder Bee serving in the Yakima Randall Park Ward2017-3-28 Interviews Yakima, Toppenish (12)Elder Criddle:  You are good enough for the Atonement, and the Atonement is good enough for you.

Elder Bee:  The best advice was her example of always giving to others, even when she didn’t have a whole lot.  She was happy because of it.

Elder Sailsbery and Elder Kneip serving in the Yakima Meadowbrook Ward2017-3-28 Interviews Yakima, Toppenish (14)Elder Sailsbery:  Don’t do anything stupid and come back safe.

Elder Kneip:  Eat your vegetables.  Let your siblings practice the piano!

2017-3-28 Interviews Yakima, Toppenish (16)2017-3-28 Interviews Yakima, Toppenish (18)Sister Robalin and Sister Hill, Sister Training Leaders in the Ahtanum Creek and YSA Wards2017-3-28 Interviews Yakima, Toppenish (23)Sister Robalin:  Remember the work you are doing is a forever work, not a day to day work.  You are fulfilling HIS PLAN. . . so be happy and find JOY everyday!

Sister Hill:  Keep trying NO MATTER WHAT.  Always do your best, work your hardest and always rely on the Lord.

I got a kick out of Sister Robalin’s planner cover.  She said she found the photo of me on a computer in the Family History Center. . .  We will miss her terribly when she goes home next transfer.2017-3-28 Interviews Yakima, Toppenish (21)

After these interviews, we dropped by the office as we headed out of town for Toppenish.2017-3-28 Interviews Yakima, Toppenish (24)The Pendleburys were hard at work!2017-3-28 Interviews Yakima, Toppenish (25)I flipped through the mission yearbook.  The sisters in this group are the next to go home.  Sad.2017-3-28 Interviews Yakima, Toppenish (28)2017-3-28 Interviews Yakima, Toppenish (29)2017-3-28 Interviews Yakima, Toppenish (26)Then we dropped Elder Kneip and Elder Sailsbery off in Union Gap so they could get back to work.2017-3-28 Interviews Yakima, Toppenish (30)2017-3-28 Interviews Yakima, Toppenish (33)

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