More Interviews in Moses Lake

2017-4-19 Wenatchee Interviews (1)We continued interviewing today in Moses Lake.  Today we met with the Spanish-speakers.  These are our last interviews of this transfer.

Hermana Petersen and Hermana Baird, serving in the Moses Lake 1st Ward and the Spanish 9th, South2017-4-19 Wenatchee Interviews (3)Hermana Petersen:  Don’t forget who you are.

Hermana Baird:  Just serve them until you love them.

Elder Bergman and Elder Olivas, serving in the Moses Lake 9th Spanish, North2017-4-19 Wenatchee Interviews (10) Elder Bergman:  My Mom and Grandma always said, “You can do hard things!”

Elder Olivas:  The Lord will bless you as long as you love Him and obey Him.  No trial lasts forever, everything passes by.2017-4-19 Wenatchee Interviews (5)

Elder Bergman and Elder Olivas live with Elder Taele and Elder Summit.  Today these Elders told me about their apartment’s weekly schedule:

Story Sunday = they pick a topic Sunday morning and then Sunday evening, everyone tells their best story about that topic.

Massage Monday = Everyone gives each of the others a 5 min massage at the end of the day.  They look forward to this one!

Tuesday Snooze Day = when they get home at the end of the long day, they hurry to get everything done so they can all get to bed early–by 9:30 or 9:45.

Wednesday is Wonder Under Day = they sit outside on an old sofa on their porch with blankets and stare at the beautiful Moses Lake stars for 20 min, contemplating the universe before heading to bed.

Theraputic Thursday = before bed they fix hot cocoa and play relaxing zen music.

Freestyle Friday = there is an old organ in their apartment they can play percussion on, so they make up fun raps.

Saturday You Matter Day  =  they make each other feel like they matter and feel good about themselves.

Elder Walker and Elder Jensen, serving in Moses Lake 9th Spanish, Central2017-4-19 Wenatchee Interviews (12)Elder Walker:  Don’t ever forget that you’re never alone!

Elder Jensen:  Be Good.2017-4-19 Wenatchee Interviews (9)Elder Jensen’s fine tie and fine planner cover:2017-4-19 Wenatchee Interviews (17)2017-4-19 Wenatchee Interviews (19)2017-4-19 Wenatchee Interviews (20)Adios, Amigos!2017-4-19 Wenatchee Interviews (22)

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