Interviews in Moses Lake

IMG_5301This morning we went to Moses Lake after spending the night in Royal.  These great Zone Leaders welcomed us at the ML Stake Center where we spent the day meeting with the English-speaking part of the zone.  We had a great day with these fine missionaries.

This round of interviews, I’m talking with the missionaries about ways to be more likeable.  I’ve got some great handouts and suggestions from different experts that I’ll be sharing with all of you in the future  The question I’m asking this time is, “What would people say is the NICEST/most LIKEABLE thing about you?”  And then I ask each what they think the most likeable thing about their companion is.  Below you will hear their responses.

Elder Bawden and Elder Christensen are the Zone Leaders here, serving in the Moses Lake 4th and YSA Wards.

Elder Bawden:  People would say I have happy energy.   I would say that Elder Christensen has a lot of love and energy–he goes a million miles an hour!

Elder Christensen:  People would say I treat people equally, knowing everyone is better and different things.  I don’t look down at people who aren’t good at the things I am.         I would say Elder Bawden is straight up.  He always lets people talk and he listens.  He’s got a good ear.IMG_5304IMG_5306The treat of the month:  Scotcheroos!  You’ll find the recipe on the Mission Recipe link.IMG_5308

Elder Flamm and Elder Mayes, serving in the Moses Lake 6th & 8th WardsIMG_5310Elder Flamm:  People would say I am kind, nice and hard-working and always smiling.  I would say Elder Mayes is a really good listener.  He’s funny and he loves his friends.

Elder Mayes:  I’m easy to get along with and a good listener.  I don’t set up barriers or walls.  I don’t glory in myself.  Elder Flamm asks really good questions and has a really good smile.IMG_5311

Elder Criddle and Elder Boshard, serving in the Moses Lake 10th WardIMG_5314Elder Criddle:  I sincerely care about people’s personal situations.  Elder Boshard is sincere.  He cares about people and wants to help others.

Elder Boshard:  I like to listen to people.  Elder Criddle connects easily with others.  He’s strong-willed and makes up his mind to do things.

Transferring phone contacts out of a broken phone:IMG_5319IMG_5317

Sister Thayer and Sister Banks, serving in the Moses Lake 4th & 7th WardsIMG_5324Sister Thayer:  I love to smile and make people laugh.  I’m trying hard to remember people’s names and use them.  Sister Banks always smiles and she is really sweet to everyone.

Sister Banks:  I have always been told that I am very genuine and sincere.  Sister Thayer always smiles and laughs.  She is comfortable talking to people we meet.IMG_5323IMG_5327

Elder Summit and Elder Taele, serving in the Moses Lake 5th WardIMG_5332Elder Summit:  Others say they can be themselves around me.  Elder Taele shows love for everybody.  He finds something they’re interested in, then becomes interested in that too.

Elder Taele:  people would say the nicest thing about me is my presence–they can feel comfortable around me.  Elder Summt allows people to be themselves around him.IMG_5335

Elder Lucio and Elder Johnson, serving in the Moses Lake 3rd WardIMG_5336Elder Lucio:  people would say that they like that I am able to smile about things.  Elder Johnson is super easy to get along with.  He has a great work ethic and makes the work easier, which keeps me motivated.

Elder Johnson:  I am outgoing and find it easy to talk to people.  Elder Lucio really listens to people and cares to know about their lives.IMG_5340IMG_5344

Hermana Stocking and Sister Miller, STLs serving in the Moses Lake 2nd and YSA WardsIMG_5345Hermana Stocking:  I love everyone and reach out to those who are struggling.  Sister Miller just loves Everybody.  She’s quiet and caring and she does quiet acts of service, making the whole world better!

Sister Miller:  I’m a good listener.  I like to pay attention and really listen to people.  They come to me for advise.  I think that’s cool.  Hna Stocking is really easy-going and chill.  She’s observant and notices things I don’t even think about.

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