Interviews in Ellensburg

2017-5-5 zInterviews Ellensburg (14)This afternoon we went to Ellensburg to visit with the missionaries there.  Today is Cinco de Mayo and the festivities were already beginning with our Spanish members and investigators here!2017-5-5 zInterviews Ellensburg (1)Hermana Lindsay and Hermana Tolliver, serving with the Ellensburg Spanish Branch2017-5-5 zInterviews Ellensburg (2)Hermana Lindsay:  I am quick to love others.  Hna Tolliver is 100% sincere.  When she listens, she really listens.  When she asks questions, she really wants to know the answers.

Hermana Tolliver:  I think people like my bright smile!   Hna Lindsay is so patient.  She’s a really good listener–she listens to listen and she is always looking to improve.

How many may I eat??2017-5-5 zInterviews Ellensburg (4)Elder Spitzer and Elder Woodard, serving in the Ellensburg 2nd and YSA Wards2017-5-5 zInterviews Ellensburg (5)Elder Spitzer:  I’m pretty cheerful and happy.  Elder Woodard is good at a ton of stuff.  He’s happy all the time.  He’s funny.  He’s chill, lax and it’s OK if something bad happens –he doesn’t let it get to him.  He’s super optimistic and loves being a missionary.

Elder Woodard:  I’m easy for others to connect with (I’m personable).  Elder Spitzer has a self-motivated, go-get-em attitude.  He tells super good stories and he likes to share his candy.

Elder Roe and Elder Kneip, serving in the Ellensburg 1st and 3rd Wards2017-5-5 zInterviews Ellensburg (6)Elder Roe:  3 things people probably notice about me:  1. Humor (my family is good at that).  2. Kindness (my dad taught me that if I’m kind to everyone, it will bring happiness).  3.  I make friends easily (my family moved a lot and I had to).  Elder Kneip is very sincere in wanting to help other people.  He’s quietly dignified and doesn’t say a lot, but his actions are always kind.  He is selfless and has a desire to make others happy.

Elder Kneip:  something people like about me is that I’m a musician.  Elder Carter once told me I’m meek.  I’m pretty sensitive.  Elder Roe always knows what he’s doing.  He’s good at understanding people and their needs.  He’s positive and fun to be around.  He’s also bold and a very good driver.2017-5-5 zInterviews Ellensburg (13)We are distributing these blue (tool boxes) to all the missionaries to keep supplies safe and protected in their car trunks.  They’re the perfect size to hold several copies of the Book of Mormon and some pamphlets.

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