Interviews with Moses Lake Spanish Missionaries

2017-5-5 Interviews ML Spanish (1)This morning we were back at the Moses Lake Stake Center, where we met with the Spanish-speaking missionaries in this zone.  It was a beautiful day in paradise.

Again, I am asking each of them what people would say is the nicest or most likable thing about them and then their companion.

Elder Olivas and Elder Bergman, serving in the Moses Lake 9th North area2017-5-5 Interviews ML Spanish (2)Elder Olivas:  I’m always the same person.  I’m nice to everyone and I get along with everyone.  If there are problems, it’s usually not my problem.  Elder Bergman has a lot of enthusiasm and a good sense of humor.  He’s easy to get along with and he loves everyone.  He doesn’t care about who he talks to–he accepts everyone.

Elder Bergman:  I try to make people feel special, or good about themselves.  I try to make little things a big deal.   Elder Olivas is the most easy-going person on the planet.  He’s relaxed and has no anxiety.  It’s very soothing to be in his presence.2017-5-5 Interviews ML Spanish (5)

Elder Walker and Elder Jensen, serving in the Moses Lake 9th Central area2017-5-5 Interviews ML Spanish (7)Elder Walker:  everyone points out that I smile all the time.  Elder Jensen is a super good listener.  He likes to talk to people.  When he asks questions, he actually listens and pays attention.  He’s good at recognizing what they need.

Elder Jensen:  people would say I’m funny.  I seem to make people laugh.  Elder Walker is really patient and helpful.  He’s always looking out for other people.  He’s really cool and good at stuff, but he doesn’t need anyone to think so.

Hermana Petersen and Hermana Baird, serving in the Moses Lake 1st Ward and 9th Spanish Branch2017-5-5 Interviews ML Spanish (9)Hermana Petersen:  my family would say I’m a peacemaker, my friends would say I have good morals, and my companions would say I desire to be better.  Hna Baird has good energy when she talks about the gospel.  She’s good at showing people she cares by remembering their names.  She has an aura that makes you feel she cares about you.

Hermana Baird:  I have random excitement.  Hna Petersen has contagious excitement and good energy.  She is entertaining.2017-5-5 Interviews ML Spanish (10)Hermana’s study journal:2017-5-5 Interviews ML Spanish (12)And another creative planner cover:2017-5-5 Interviews ML Spanish (13)

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