Interviews in Ephrata

2017-5-6 Interviews Ephrata (1)It was a beautiful Saturday morning in Ephrata.  The countryside in central Washington is absolutely beautiful these days.  Blossoms and green fields everywhere!  We wouldn’t trade places with any mission anywhere!

Elder Black and Elder Fullmer, Zone Leaders in Ephrata, serving in the Ephrata 3rd Ward2017-5-6 Interviews Ephrata (2)Elder Black:  people would say the nicest thing about me is my personality.  I’m the real deal (according to Sis. Lewis).   Elder Fullmer (has been here 1 day).  He’s very obedient to the white handbook and is good at Spanish.  He’s engaging–interested in people’s interests.

Elder Fullmer:  I’m positive, have a good attitude and I like to smile.  Elder Black is playful, he has a joking fun personality and he’s always looking for ways to make people laugh.

Elder Powell and Elder Nielsen, serving in the Ephrata 1st Ward2017-5-6 Interviews Ephrata (4)Elder Powell:  people would say the nicest thing about me is that I’m kind.  Elder Nielsen has a funny enjoyable laugh.  He’s really a sensitive guy.  You can trust him.

Elder Nielsen:  I am loyal to others and to what I believe.  I stick with things.  I’m responsible.  Elder Powell is definitely genuine.  He has a very good sense of humor and always wants to improve and be better.2017-5-6 Interviews Ephrata (7)Notes to moms:2017-5-6 Interviews Ephrata (9)Hermana Buss broke her teeth playing soccer in the gym.  But now they are fixed and beautiful again!2017-5-6 Interviews Ephrata (11)Hermana Buss and Hermana Hernandez, serving in the Ephrata 3rd Spanish 2017-5-6 Interviews Ephrata (13)Hermana Buss:  I really try to listen and care about people.  I pray for them.  Hermana Hernandez–I love her.  She has a great sense of humor, making random funny comments and having fun conversations.  She’s very chill.

Hermana Hernandez:  I’m very patient with people.  I like to make people feel better. Hermana Buss is sweet, cute and happy.  She’s very patient and connects really well with people and takes an interest in their lives.  She has a very fun laugh.  She constantly wants to be friends with everyone.

Sister Harty and Sister Goodrich, serving in the Ephrata 2nd Ward

Sister Harty:  I have a contagious smile and I’m a good listener.  Sister Goodrich is a good listener and she’s good with fashion (“Oh fashionable One”).  She’s always trying to improve and she wants everyone to be happy.  She’s a good mediator and very determined to keep a positive attitude no matter what happens.

Sister Goodrich:  I smile a lot and I’m positive.  I like to work hard and I like to lighten the moods of those around me.  Sister Harty has a great sense of humor.  She laughs all the time.  She’s sarcastic in a good way.  She knows the scriptures really well.  She gives good hugs and really cares about people.

2017-5-6 Interviews Ephrata (15)2017-5-6 Interviews Ephrata (12)Treats!2017-5-6 Interviews Ephrata (20)2017-5-6 Interviews Ephrata (21)

As we were leaving the building to go to Stake Conference meetings in Wenatchee, we looked in on a wonderful Preparedness Fair that was just beginning.  I would have liked to stay and learn from their workshops and classes.2017-5-6 Prep Fair Ephrata (1)2017-5-6 Prep Fair Ephrata (2)2017-5-6 Prep Fair Ephrata (3)2017-5-6 Prep Fair Ephrata (4)2017-5-6 Prep Fair Ephrata (5)2017-5-6 Prep Fair Ephrata (6)2017-5-6 Prep Fair Ephrata (7)

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