Missionary Haircuts in 2017

IMG_6630Trends in missionary haircuts seem to come and go.  Right now, we’re seeing quite a few who are sporting this look, with the sides cut close up to where the part is, and the top a bit longer in comparison.  Many missionaries do their own hair cutting, or they help cut each others’ hair.

I just thought I’d document this look so that 20 years from now we’ll look back and either say, “that was a cool-looking cut,” or “what in the world were we thinking!?!?”  I wonder which it will be!

2017-5-11 ZC Wenatchee-Omak (44)2017-5-11 ZC Wenatchee-Omak (46)2017-5-11 ZC Wenatchee-Omak (47)

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I am member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I am currently serving as a Missionary in the Washington Yakima Mission. Welcome to my personal blog, Ann's Words, and my Mission blog, Our Yakima Mission. If you are interested in family history stories and histories, you can find those posted in Ann's Stories. Thanks for looking in!
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One Response to Missionary Haircuts in 2017

  1. Geri Hightower says:

    My husband is a retired professional haircutter who donates haircuts for our local missionaries. He is glad to help keep them looking good!

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