Interviews with the Selah Zone

This week we are back doing interviews throughout the mission.  Today is Tuesday and we were in Selah with the Selah Zone.  While Pres Lewis interviews each missionary, I continue to visit with their companion.  My topic this round is being Likeable.  As we get to the end of this transfer’s interviews, I’ll share all the handouts I’m giving the missionaries that make for a great discussion.

I am asking each, “What would people say is the most likeable thing about you?” and then I ask what they think the most likeable thing about their companion is.

Elder Vejnar and Elder Hansen, Zone Leaders serving in the Selah 1st WardIMG_6709Elder Vejnar:  I am down to earth about things and I enjoy being realistic in a comical way.  Sometimes I just run my mouth.   Elder Hansen is very sincere about getting to know people.  He’s not shy at all.  He’s very observant and compliments people we meet. He tinkers with things and asks questions about the things he notices.

Elder Hansen:  I like to make everyone feel equal.   Elder Vejnar loves making people happy and laugh.  He’s a goof off.  He loves to chat with people and shoot the breeze.


Elders Carroll, Folkman and Tietjen, serving in the Selah, Naches areas, with a special assignment to help with auto repairsIMG_6717Elder Carroll:  I am easy going and make jokes.  Elder Folkman is himself all the time and acts the same with everyone.  He’s pretty chill.   Elder Tietjen is very caring and good at looking out for people who need help or need a friend.

Elder Folkman:  I’m good at achieving goals that help me to be happy.  Elder Carroll is a very open person.  He doesn’t hold back.  He’s easy to understand.  Elder Tietjen is really good at showing he cares about you.  People definitely know he cares by his enthusiasm about being with them.

Elder Tietjen:  I am understanding and always there to support and listen.   Elder Carroll is really good at making other people happy.  He adapts to people and focuses on others. Elder Folkman is really good at loving other people.  He cares about influencing people in a positive way.  He encourages me to do things that make me happy (like exercising!).

Elder Folkman is the District Leader for this Selah District.  They had their weekly District Meeting while interviews continued.IMG_6720IMG_6721IMG_6722IMG_6723IMG_6724

Elder North and Elder Hamblin, serving in the Yakima 3rd WardIMG_6726Elder North:  I’m a diligent worker and I enjoy talking to people.  Elder Hamblin is personable and always interested in what people say.  He makes great eye contact and talks like he really cares, asking lots of questions.

Elder Hamblin:  I’m really easy to get along with because I’m understanding of others’ needs.  I take time to listen and I try to care.   Elder North is a really fun person to be around.  He’s always looking for an adventure.  It’s always fun to work with him.  We have fun conversations.

Elder Olson and Elder Sandholz, serving in the Yakima 2nd WardIMG_6731Elder Olson:  I would say the most likeable thing about me is my humor–in both the things I say and do.  I’m pretty genuine and real.  Elder Sandholz is real with people.  He’s pretty funny too!

Elder Sandholz:  My mom would say I’m loving, funny, kind, sensitive, sincere and caring.  And she says I have a glow about me.  Elder Olson is definitely funny in a goofy good sort of way.  He’s funny and fun.  He’s also very knowledgeable.  IMG_6732What’s on the back of those nametags??IMG_6733IMG_6734Scotcheroos!IMG_6735

Sister Don and Sister Enman, serving in the Terrace Heights WardIMG_6737Sister Don:  I try to empathize with others.  People can trust me and they tell me their problems.  Sister Enman is really energetic.  People draw from her happy energy.

Sister Enman:  I am able to be positive in all situations.  Sister Enman is always “go get ’em” and she knows what she wants to do and has a plan to get there.  She’s a finisher and she gets the work done.IMG_6742Sister Lowham and Sister Boehmer, serving in the Selah 2nd Ward (above on the right)

Sister Lowham:  I would say that the nicest thing about me is that I am always friendly and easy to get along with.   Sister Boehmer is always herself and can relate to anyone.  She is always laughing and smiling.  She’s very outgoing.

Sister Boehmer:  I think people would say I’m kind and cheerful.   Sister Lowham is very nice, sweet, genuine, quiet and we had the same trainer.

Elders heading out to do service:IMG_6744

Elder King and Elder Moser are in this Zone, but our paths didn’t cross today.  Here are their responses to this month’s question:

Elder King:  People have said that they enjoy me because I help them to feel happier.

Elder Moser:  I enjoy playing into everyone else’s sense of humor, no matter how different they are.  People usually enjoy talking to someone who will laugh at their jokes.

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