Interviews with the Yakima Zone

2017-5-18 Interviews Yakima Zone (1).JPGToday we met with part of the Yakima Zone at the Yakima Stake Center.  We were greeted by Zone Leaders, Elders Hughes and Hoskins.  They are fabulous.  Sometimes as missionaries near the end, I try to remember what they were like when they first arrived.  There is no way to quantify the change we see.  With my sons, I called it “The Miraculous Transformation.”  These to will go home next transfer changed.  It’s thrilling to see.  We had a fabulous day with this part of the Zone.  Tomorrow we’ll finish the visiting down in the Lower Valley.

Elder Hughes and Elder Hoskins, Zone Leaders in Yakima, serving in the Cottonwood Canyon and YSA Wards2017-5-18 Interviews Yakima Zone (4)Elder Hughes:  I have a positive attitude in every situation, even when things are bleak. Elder Hoskins is a hard worker and he shows it.  He has a great attitude about missionary work.

Elder Hoskins:  I am positive.  I like to find the good in all things and in all people.  Elder Hughes is likable because he is non-judgmental and he loves to help others no matter what.

Elder Saitman and Elder Christiansen, serving in the Yakima Summitview Ward2017-5-18 Interviews Yakima Zone (6)Elder Saitman:  I am funny and loyal.   Elder Christiansen is super compassionate.  He totally has a sense of sympathy and takes it into himself.  He wants to help and encourage others.  He’s tough on one side and sensitive on the other.

Elder Christiansen:  I’m a good listener and I know how to relate to people.   Elder Saitman is super energetic.  He knows how to relate to people.  He’s very intellectual and can speak about topics that go way over my head!  He bounces around and is really happy.2017-5-18 Interviews Yakima Zone (8)Years ago, Elder Saitman invented his own secret code.  Here are his personal goals written in that code:2017-5-18 Interviews Yakima Zone (11)A happy bunch of Elders:2017-5-18 Interviews Yakima Zone (13)Elder Painter and Elder Bee, serving in the Yakima Randall Park Ward2017-5-18 Interviews Yakima Zone (15)Elder Painter:  They say I’m charitable.  I try to genuinely listen and do small and simple things for others.  I actually listen, really listen.  I like to read body language and discern needs.  I know when to comfort others.   Elder Bee knows how to address people’s needs and concerns.  He is good at giving them straight answers.

Elder Bee:  I like to make things fun and make the best of situations.   Elder Painter is overall very upbeat and he gives off happy vibes.  He’s very loving, soft-spoken, and he thinks about the things he says.

Elder Sailsbery and Elder Peterson, serving in the Yakima Meadowbrook Ward2017-5-18 Interviews Yakima Zone (17)Elder Sailsbery:  I am easy going and I like to laugh.  I’m interested in a wide variety of things.  Elder Peterson is easy to talk with and he loves to laugh.

Elder Peterson:  I smile a lot.   Elder Sailsbery is always happy and fun to be around.2017-5-18 Interviews Yakima Zone (18)Note to mom:2017-5-18 Interviews Yakima Zone (19)A patient member, providing transport.  We have the Best Ever Members here.  They take such good care of our missionaries.2017-5-18 Interviews Yakima Zone (23)It was an early out day!  Finished by early afternoon!  Wow.

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