Interviews in Sunnyside

2017-5-19 Interviews Toppenish, Sunnyside (20)It was a warm sunny afternoon in Sunnyside.  Oh, how I love the SUN!!  And oh, how I love these missionaries!

Elder Hansen and Elder Allen, serving in the Yakima Zone, Sunnyside Ward2017-5-19 Interviews Toppenish, Sunnyside (21)Elder Hansen:  I’m not fake.  I don’t try to change my behavior to fit who I’m with.  I’m here to be myself and to use my own personality.   Elder Allen is down to earth.  He has tons of charity.  He’ll talk to anybody, and try to get to know them.

Elder Allen:  people would say the most likeable thing about me is my willingness to help people in need.  My mom set a great example of helping others.  When I asked her why she always helped others she said because she loved them.  I’m learning to do the same.  Elder Hansen always has a smile.  He’s a funny guy and he knows how to stay positive.

Writing notes to moms:2017-5-19 Interviews Toppenish, Sunnyside (23)2017-5-19 Interviews Toppenish, Sunnyside (25)2017-5-19 Interviews Toppenish, Sunnyside (28)Hermana Faulk and Hermana Hurst, serving in the Yakima Valley Zone, Sunnyside East area:2017-5-19 Interviews Toppenish, Sunnyside (29)Hermana Faulk:  I smile a lot!  I try to be real and understand people.  I try to put myself in their shoes–the divorced, the addict, the single mom, the unloved daughter– and then I listen for the Spirit to teach me what to do to help them.  I try to feel what they feel. Then I pray to know what gospel principle would help them now.  I’ve learned to do this on my mission.    Hna Hurst is funny, open, she smiles all the time, and she waves at everyone!  She’s observant and remembers the little things.  She learns about someone, then does all she can to help them.

Hermana Hurst:  I’m always happy.  I always feel happy.  I always look happy.    Hna Faulk is very compassionate.  She takes people’s feelings into account and tries to uplift them.  She has good ideas and she shares them freely.  She’s not afraid to be in charge.

I had to capture the rest of this priceless poster.  This must be a room where the little scouts meet!  Pocket Knife Safety:2017-5-19 Interviews Toppenish, Sunnyside (30)2017-5-19 Interviews Toppenish, Sunnyside (32)2017-5-19 Interviews Toppenish, Sunnyside (33)I don’t usually post the notes each missionary writes to his or her mother–as you all know, we do this every time we meet for interviews.  100s of notes get texted out from here to moms every few weeks.  I just want to capture this memory with a couple of them here.  You’ve got to love these missionaries!!

It also seems I missed taking a photo of their companionship, so here are Elder Tapia and Elder Hibbard, serving in the Yakima Valley, Sunnyside Ward.

Elder Tapia:  I am good at including others, or those who might feel left out.  I’m observant.  In social settings, I notice people, needs, emotions, and go help where I can.  Elder Hibbard is really good at talking to kids.  He’s very friendly with the children.  He has a good attitude.  I love it when he always exclaims, “YAY!!!”

Elder Hibbard:  I am obedient.  I try to have good desires all the time.  I always smile.  I feel happy, so I smile.  I also try to remember people’s names.   Elder Tapia is good at getting to know people, casually making friends.  He’s comfortable and doesn’t force things.  He easily becomes a friend you can trust.2017-5-19 Interviews Toppenish, Sunnyside (34)2017-5-19 Interviews Toppenish, Sunnyside (35)

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