The Church Sofas

2017-5-21 Yakima Stake Correlation (17).JPGHow is it possible that everywhere I’ve gone in this world, I see the same Church Sofas?  It must be a sign of the international church.  We have this same exact sofa with the same exact fabric on the sofa in the church in our neighborhood in Orem, Utah.  We see it everywhere we go.  I don’t think this fabric ever wears out.  Our Orem sofas are more than 23 years old now.  Unfortunately, they still look like new.  They may be around another 25 years!  Do you have the same sofas where you live??

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2 Responses to The Church Sofas

  1. Julie Muhlestein says:

    Yes! I have see that sofa everywhere too! Funny thing is that they never look worn out! I think the church must have bought them in bulk!


  2. Denice Roney says:

    Yes the same! Funny thing I used to also have it at my house. Thank goodness I don’t still have it.


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