Interviews in with the Chelan and Manson Elders

2017-5-23 Chelan, Brewster, Omak (4)Monday night we packed our bags and headed north for the rest of the week.  Tuesday we drove from Wenatchee to Chelan, one of the beautiful resort spots in our mission.  We have 4 Elders serving in Chelan and Manson where these small communities are gearing up for summer vacationers, starting with this upcoming Memorial Day Weekend.2017-5-23 Chelan, Brewster, Omak (19)Here are a few interesting maps to orient you on today’s travels.  This first map gives you an idea of the beautiful vineyards surrounding Lake Chelan.

Chelan Winery mapVineyards around the lake:Chelan-Vineyard 1Chelan vineyardsChelan mapHere’s our chapel in Chelan:2017-5-23 Chelan, Brewster, Omak (7)2017-5-23 Chelan, Brewster, Omak (5)And a view of the area surrounding the chapel:2017-5-23 Chelan, Brewster, Omak (6)I continue to ask our good missionaries what people would say is the most likable thing about them.  Most squirm when I ask and resort to what others have mentioned about them.  I love these missionaries.

Elder Veropalumbo and Elder Walters, serving in the Omak Zone, Chelan area:2017-5-23 Chelan, Brewster, Omak (15)Elder Veropalumbo:  I try to make people laugh and smile, even if they’re in a bad mood.  I try to make things stress-free, relaxed and fun.   Elder Walters is a pretty happy guy like I am.  He’s genuine and really good with strangers.  He’s never awkward.  He’s just normal with everyone.

Elder Walters:  I try not to tear people down and I like to laugh.  I smile a lot.  Elder Veropalumbo is always making me laugh.  We are the same person.  He’s very easy to get to know, he’s agreeable and he makes you feel comfortable like he’s your best friend.  He’s also a very hard worker.

Here’s the distance from Chelan to Manson, the 2 areas where our Elders live and work:Chelan - Manson map

Elder Medina and Elder Reusch, serving in the Omak Zone, Chelan Ward, Manson Area2017-5-23 Chelan, Brewster, Omak (9)Elder Medina:  I like to work hard.  I’m genuine and I like to have fun.  Elder Reusch is very nice and polite.  He helps me do things (like my laundry).  He’s very understanding and he doesn’t get upset–he’s very even-tempered.  He’s a happy person.

Elder Reusch:  I really enjoy getting to talk to other people and hear about their lives. Elder Medina is very motivated and he’s good at getting others to talk.  He doesn’t interrupt them.  He’s good a complimenting others and he’s a good listener.2017-5-23 Chelan, Brewster, Omak (11)Here’s the floor plan of this church building:2017-5-23 Chelan, Brewster, Omak (17)Adios Elderes!2017-5-23 Chelan, Brewster, Omak (16)Here are a couple aerial views of Lake Chelan:Chelan aerial viewChelan

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