On to Interviews in Omak

2017-5-23 Chelan, Brewster, Omak (40)Our Zone Leaders in Omak greeted us this afternoon when we arrived after a beautiful drive along the rivers in the Okanagan Valley.  I didn’t take these photos because we never have time to stop, but this is what the country up here looks like.  The roads follow the rivers and it’s quite spectacular.Okanagan Valley 1Okanagan ValleyHere is our path from Brewster to Omak:Map to OmakThis National Forrest Map gives you an idea of the beautiful areas between Yakima and the Canadian border:Map National ForrestsThe missionaries were patiently waiting, studying, and watching The District.2017-5-23 Chelan, Brewster, Omak (38)The Omak building is a smaller building.  The cultural hall becomes the chapel on Sundays.2017-5-23 Chelan, Brewster, Omak (39)2017-5-23 Chelan, Brewster, Omak (41)2017-5-23 Chelan, Brewster, Omak (42)A favorite missionary treat from the local Walmart:2017-5-23 Chelan, Brewster, Omak (43)

Map to Oroville

Elder Enderton and Elder Bonny, serving way up north in Oroville2017-5-23 Chelan, Brewster, Omak (45)Elder Enderton:  I’d say people like my smile, my sense of humor and my hair.  I’m a pretty confident person.  Elder Bonny is very complimentary to someone’s needs.  He adapts easily to situations, personalities and the needs of the people where they are.  He matches their energy.

Elder Bonny:  I am a sincere genuine person.  I’m down to earth.  Elder Enderton is extremely positive.  He knows how to look for the good in others.  Oh, I love him!2017-5-23 Chelan, Brewster, Omak (47)2017-5-23 Chelan, Brewster, Omak (48)

Elder Quast and Elder Camit, serving in Coulee Dam2017-5-23 Chelan, Brewster, Omak (53)Elder Quast:  I am loving to those around me, I’m kind and I actually care.   Elder Camit tells the best jokes.  He has a great memory.  he cares about the people he talks to and is passionate and loving.  He’s also very polite and he knows the scriptures really well.

Elder Camit:  I have a Never-Say Die Happiness.  I am optimistic and love to just be happy.  I don’t fit a mold, I’m just happy.  I live every day by singing and whistling.  Elder Quast appreciates a happy attitude.  He’s patient with weaknesses and gains trust easily.  He’s got great composure.

Here’s a look at their Coulee Dam area:Coulee Dam 1

The Coulee Dam is the largest cement dam in America.

Coulee Dam 2Coulee Dam, WA from Crown PointMap Coulee Dam

Elder Shoemaker and Elder Aguilar, serving in Omak2017-5-23 Chelan, Brewster, Omak (56)Elder Shoemaker:  I try to be myself, not someone I’m not.  I’m consistent.  People can predict with accuracy what I’ll be like.   Elder Aguilar is fun to hang around with.  He accepts people as they are.  He doesn’t pass judgement.

Elder Aguilar:  I smile.  My sense of humor has a wide range.  I’m adaptable to circumstances.  I want to be kind and spontaneous.   Elder Shoemaker is FUNNY.  he gets excited about things like Dessert and Cold Cereal.  He’s selfless and always thinking about how to help others.2017-5-23 Chelan, Brewster, Omak (64)2017-5-23 Chelan, Brewster, Omak (60)

Elder Miles and Elder Allsop, Zone Leaders serving in Okanogan2017-5-23 Chelan, Brewster, Omak (62)Elder Miles:  I do my best to focus on others.  Elder Allsop is so caring.  He’s always thinking about other people.  He has really good desires.  He’s always happy and never down.  He goofs around but takes things seriously and he is always a good example.

Elder Allsop:  I listen and care.  I have an ability to work with others.  I love being with other people, especially one on one.   Elder Miles is easy to talk to.  I love his dedication. He is passionate about the work and he is loving.

Here is their Okanogan area:Map OkanoganElder Miles and Elder Allsop make a favorite sandwich every day.  They shared the “recipe” with me:

THE Sandwich:
Take some bread.  Spread jalapeno cream cheese on one slice and regular cream cheese on the other.  Then cover with grated cheese or queso fresco.  Next comes a fried egg with a soft yolk.  Then 3 slices of ham, then some special seasoning called Spade L Ranch which you can’t find here.  Then avocado.  After layering all of that, you grill it without butter (so it’s not too greasy).

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