Wednesday in Wenatchee! Interviews day #1

2017-5-24 Wenatchee Interviews (4)We woke in Wenatchee and found these Wonderful missionaries there today.

My question to each is the same:  What would people say is the most likable thing about you?  Here are their responses:

Elder Buchanan and Elder Hodges, serving in the Wenatchee Cashmere Spanish area2017-5-24 Wenatchee Interviews (1)Elder Buchanan:  They would say that I always have a good attitude.  I always try to laugh about things.   Elder Hughes always has a good attitude too.  He’s a hard worker.  He knows his purpose and always tries to fulfill that purpose.  He says random things to make us laugh.

Elder Hughes:  I’m energetic, always happy, I look for those who need help, I’m optimistic, I SMILE, I focus on good, I don’t seek for attention.  There are probably a lot more.   Elder Buchanan gets along with everyone.  He can relate to everyone.  He’s good at connecting topics and building friendships.  He’s genuine and doesn’t hide anything.

Elder Wright and Elder Palacios, serving in the Wenatchee Mission Ridge Spanish area2017-5-24 Wenatchee Interviews (5)Elder Wright:  I love to make puns, and I love to make muffins.   Elder Palacios is so outgoing.  He can talk to anyone and he makes people feel loved.  He makes people laugh.  He’s hilarious.  He’s happy all the time and he’s a good conversationalist.

Elder Palacios:  I am pretty happy.  I try not to exclude anyone.  I help people as much as I can.  People can trust me.  Elder Wright is honest.  He works hard and sets goals to improve.  He knows a lot.  He’s a good baker (muffins) and he always has funny jokes to make me laugh.

Hermana Hinkle and Hermana Torrez, STLs, serving in Wenatchee2017-5-24 Wenatchee Interviews (14)Hermana Hinkle:  People would say they love my smile and my ability to love.  When I help others, I feel that their lives are important.  Hna Torrez is happy at all moments.  She helps other people enjoy life.  She doesn’t over-stress about small things.  She finds the song to sing or the joke to tell to keep things happy, not dreary.

Hermana Torrez:  I’m easy going, a good listener and I help make others feel comfortable.  Hna Hinkle accepts everyone.  She always has a smile.  She remembers little facts about people and she is always conscious of other people’s love languages.  She never makes people feel judged.

Hna Hinkle goes home soon.  She brought her Mission Journal to show me.  A+++ for Hna Hinkle!!2017-5-24 Wenatchee Interviews (12)2017-5-24 Wenatchee Interviews (6)2017-5-24 Wenatchee Interviews (8)2017-5-24 Wenatchee Interviews (9)2017-5-24 Wenatchee Interviews (10)2017-5-24 Wenatchee Interviews (11)

This Spanish District had their weekly District Meeting while we continued with interviews.2017-5-24 Wenatchee Interviews (17)2017-5-24 Wenatchee Interviews (15)2017-5-24 Wenatchee Interviews (16)2017-5-24 Wenatchee Interviews (20)

And across the way, this English District held their District Meeting:2017-5-24 Wenatchee Interviews (21)2017-5-24 Wenatchee Interviews (22)2017-5-24 Wenatchee Interviews (23)

Hermana Graff and Hermana Bangerter, serving in the Wenatchee Sage Castle area2017-5-24 Wenatchee Interviews (25)Hermana Graff:  I love and accept people.  I’m real and genuine.  Hna Bangerter is hard-working and she wants to do everything she can all the time.  She’s super smart and she knows random things, like the name of the scent of rain.

Hermana Bangerter:  I am an attentive listener.  My companions say I’m easy to work or teach with.   Hna Graff is so good at being real with people.  She’s enthusiastic!  I love watching her discover things in the Book of Mormon!

2017-5-24 Wenatchee Interviews (27)

Sister Mork and Sister Adamson, serving in the Wenatchee Mission Ridge area2017-5-24 Wenatchee Interviews (28)Sister Mork:  I try to make people feel that I’m their friend.  I’m conscious of how people see things and I try to connect to them and and be interested in them.   Sister Adamson is very agreeable and good at trying to help people.  She’s always kind and good at listening.  She cares about what you have to say and is always a cheerleader.

Sister Adamson:  I am really kind and super funny.  I have a skill of making sure there’s no contention.  I try never to be contentious, or to make situations contentious.   Sister Mork is awesome.  She’s is a mother figure to me.  She makes sure things are OK and makes me laugh.  She’s a really good friend and doesn’t judge me.  She’s someone you can go to when you are struggling.

Sister McCourt and Sister Baggett, serving in the Wenatchee Castle Rock and YSA areas2017-5-24 Wenatchee Interviews (29)Sister McCourt:  People tell me that I’m a good listener.  I try to relate to people and see where they are, helping them to recognize that they are not alone.    Sister Baggett is a really good listener.  She accepts people no matter what.  She doesn’t judge others–no judgement at all (and we meet all kinds of people)!

Sister Baggett:  I listen to what others have to say and I don’t judge.  I try to be friends with everyone I meet.   Sister McCourt is an amazing teacher.  She is like a mom to everyone.  She listens to the Spirit so well, and follows promptings.

2017-5-24 Wenatchee Interviews (32)

Elder Leavitt and Elder Nicoll, serving in the Wenathcee River and Leavenworth areas2017-5-24 Wenatchee Interviews (34)Elder Leavitt:  I have a good mix of serious and fun and know when to be what.   Elder Nicoll genuinely cares about the things people are saying.  He’s humble and always seeking to improve.  He has a good sense of how to engage in a conversation.

Elder Nicoll:  I genuinely care about the small things, I want to help others find and be happy, I am annoyingly positive and I’m always trying to become better.    Elder Leavitt has random humor, not forced.  He’s low key and doesn’t seek attention.  He’s very intelligent, very unbiased and accepting and understanding.2017-5-24 Wenatchee Interviews (40)

Elder Ence and Elder Burbank, serving in the Wenatchee Sage Hills and YSA areas2017-5-24 Wenatchee Interviews (41)Elder Ence:  I can laugh at myself.  I care about others.  I am sensitive, kind, aware and a good friend.   Elder Burbank connects with everyone.  He’s good at reading body language and knowing what to say.  He cares very much about others.

Elder Burbank:  I focus on others, learn about their lives and ask about their passions.  What is important to them matters to me too.    Elder Ence has a great sense of humor–hilarious goofy humor–you never see it coming.  He’s always himself.  He cares a lot about people,  and has a great desire to help them.  He’s soft-spoken and sensitive.

I don’t usually print Mom Notes on the blog, but some of these give a fun taste of life here:2017-5-24 Wenatchee Interviews (42)2017-5-24 Wenatchee Interviews (37)2017-5-24 Wenatchee Interviews (35)2017-5-24 Wenatchee Interviews (39)2017-5-24 Wenatchee Interviews (30)2017-5-24 Wenatchee Interviews (24)

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