Interviews in Quincy

Quincy 1QuincyWelcome to Quincy!   Population, about 7000.  Hispanics make up about 75% of this population.  As you can see, Quincy is surrounded by farm country.  There are also some big data centers in Quincy.  The ground is flat, the climate is right and power is available.Quincy 2We spent the afternoon here with these 4 Elders who LOVE this place!  2017-5-25 Quincy Interviews, apartment (2)

Elder Klossner and Elder Boren, serving in the Quincy west area2017-5-25 Quincy Interviews, apartment (5)Elder Klossner:  I am genuine, honest in my reactions and I am comfortable being myself.   Elder Boren is very thoughtful about his words.  He takes time to think about what he says.  He’s really honest and straightforward about things.

Elder Boren:  I am calm and try to be a peacemaker.   Elder Klossner keeps his word. When he says he’ll do something, he does it.  He’s dedicated and he doesn’t like to waste time.

2017-5-25 Quincy Interviews, apartment (7)

Elder Richardson and Elder Bown, serving in the Quincy East area2017-5-25 Quincy Interviews, apartment (10)Elder Richardson:  I am caring.  I try to be personal and listen to what people say.  I try to look at everyone as if they are my brother or sister.  I try to help them to know that this stuff is true because it is.  I’m good at reading people.  I can just feel their aurora and feel what they’re thinking.   Elder Bown is Everything.  He’s just HAPPY.  He’s full of energy and excitement.  He loves the Gospel.  He’s caring and hard-working and he smiles a lot.  He’s the real deal.  He’s exactly the companion I’ve been praying for.

Elder Bown:  I think others enjoy the way I interact with them.  I show personal interest in their lives and try to be a friend to them–a personal friend.  I like joking, laughing and making people feel good.   Elder Richardson shows very genuine care for others.  You can tell he really care when he talks to you by his demeanor, how he talks and looks at you.  2017-5-25 Quincy Interviews, apartment (11)2017-5-25 Quincy Interviews, apartment (12)2017-5-25 Quincy Interviews, apartment (13)

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