Interviews in Wenatchee, Day #2

2017-5-25 Interviews Wenatchee (2)It’s warming up in Wenatchee!  We’ve had some weather in the 90s this week and some in the 70s.  Summer is coming.  And so are these missionaries! 2017-5-25 Interviews Wenatchee (4)Elder Harman and Elder Cannon, Zone Leaders serving in the Wenatchee Malaga Spanish area2017-5-25 Interviews Wenatchee (6)Elder Harman:  I am easy to get along with.  I’m kinda “chill.”  I go with the flow.  I can easily talk to people.   Elder Cannon is energetic and goofy, but he knows when to be serious.  He’s not boring.  He can hold a good conversation.

Elder Cannon:  I enjoy being with other people and I like to have fun.   Elder Harman:  It’s impossible not to get along with Elder Harman.  He’s fun, very agreeable, very easy to talk to and we have a lot of fun together.2017-5-25 Interviews Wenatchee (7)

Elder Hoogland and Elder Steadman, serving in the Wenatchee Rocky Reach Spanish area2017-5-25 Interviews Wenatchee (9)Elder Hoogland:  I am optimistic and enthusiastic.  I always have a surety that things will work out.  I know God has a Plan.   Elder Steadman can basically answer any question you have.  He’s recognizes where he can improve and is willing to acknowledge it.

Elder Steadman:  I am smart.  I can answer others’ questions, I’m good at explaining things and finding scriptures.  I know useful stuff.    Elder Hoogland is sincere and funny. He’s good at breaking the ice with a new person.  He’s a hard worker–he’s all work, very dedicated.

Elder Oliverson and Elder Bouck, serving in the Wenatchee Columbia Hills area2017-5-25 Interviews Wenatchee (13)Elder Oliverson:  I am good at being funny.  I can break the ice when we meet new people.  Making people laugh is my calling in life.  It’s good to be funny and to know when to be serious.   Elder Bouck is very personable.  He understands what people are going through and he feels for people super easily.

Elder Bouck:  I”m kind, happy, genuine and real.    Elder Oliverson is happy, enthusiastic, eagerly engaged and a great guy.

Lunch time!2017-5-25 Interviews Wenatchee (18)This is the Family History Center at the Wenatchee Stake Center.  Email home on Mondays begin here.2017-5-25 Interviews Wenatchee (19)2017-5-25 Interviews Wenatchee (20)2017-5-25 Interviews Wenatchee (21)2017-5-25 Interviews Wenatchee (23)2017-5-25 Interviews Wenatchee (25)

Elder Sorenson and Elder Johnson, serving in the Wenatchee Rocky Reach area2017-5-25 Interviews Wenatchee (26)Elder Sorenson:  I’m friendly, try to be nice, happy, interested and I always offer to help.  Elder Johnson is interested in others, he remembers what people have said and he can bring those things up again the next time we see them.  He’s hard-working and he cares about people.

Elder Johnson:  I’m a good listener, I like to offer help, I can laugh at myself, I’m loyal and consistent (no crazy mood swings).  I like interesting conversation.    Elder Sorenson is really good at just being himself at all times.  He’s a big friendly giant.  He’s super humble, always has a smile, and he’s solid.

Wenatchee welcome

This is one of the most beautiful valleys in our mission.Wenatchee-Valley-1Wenatchee-Washington

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