Interviews in Hood River

2017-5-30 Interviews The Dalles Zone (27)Hood River is about 30 minutes farther south along the Columbia River.  It’s a beautiful drive, always beautiful every time of the year.2017-5-30 Interviews The Dalles Zone (28)An annual community blood drive was happening today at the Hood River building.2017-5-30 Interviews The Dalles Zone (31)We were welcomed by the Hermanas from White Salmon and these lovely ladies:2017-5-30 Interviews The Dalles Zone (34)2017-5-30 Interviews The Dalles Zone (32)2017-5-30 Interviews The Dalles Zone (33)Elder Olson and Elder Goodwin, serving in Stevenson2017-5-30 Interviews The Dalles Zone (35)Elder Goodwin:  people like that I’m really tall.  I try to be genuine and sincere.   Elder Olson has a great heart.  He loves everybody and does all he can to help others.  He tries to brighten my moods and keep things positive.

Elder Olson:  I have a kind heart, I’m hardworking, loving and sincere.   Elder Goodwin is really genuine.  He has good desires and cares for those he teaches.  He worked hard to be here.

Elder Olson’s mom sent these photos and notes to Elder Olson from his father’s mission. Brother Olson passed tragically in a river accident while Elder Olson was here on his mission.  These are a real treasure.2017-5-30 Interviews The Dalles Zone (38)We especially enjoyed reading his dad’s rules for success while we were talking about ways to be more likable.  We are on the same page.2017-5-30 Interviews The Dalles Zone (39)2017-5-30 Interviews The Dalles Zone (40)The Hood River District:2017-5-30 Interviews The Dalles Zone (41)Elder Najarian and Elder Rigby, serving in The Dalles, Hood River Ward2017-5-30 Interviews The Dalles Zone (44)Elder Najarian:  I am positive and optimistic and I work Hard.   Elder Rigby is real, genuine, he knows how to truly love others and he’s humble and teachable.

Elder Rigby:  I am sincere.  I really try to listen.  I can accept correction.  I like to cook for others and I’m organized.  Elder Najarian teaches me stuff about how to be a better teacher and how to ask good questions.  I love his attitude.  Every day we are going to go “kill the world!”  2017-5-30 Interviews The Dalles Zone (46)Elder and Sister Oman, serving in White Salmon and Stevenson2017-5-30 Interviews The Dalles Zone (47)About her husband, Sister Oman said, “He’s super sweet.  He will never raise his voice.  He’s humble and patient and so kind.  People can feel it.  He knows something about everything and can relate to anyone.”

About his wife, Elder Oman said, “She’s a great missionary.  She’s great . . . .”  Then tears started streaming down his cheeks and he could say no more.  It was a tender moment.  We LOVE the Omans.  They love each other, they love the missionaries they serve with, and they love the friends they are making here.2017-5-30 Interviews The Dalles Zone (48)Hermana Fano and Hermana Burrup, serving in White Salmon2017-5-30 Interviews The Dalles Zone (49)Hermana Fano:  I feel unconditional love.  I’m a silent lover of all.  I like to hug.  When I feel I need love, I love others more.    Hna Burrup never gives up.  She’s determined and good at trying.  She’s very faith-filled and sticks things out, waiting to find out the whys. She really loves her family.

Hermana Burrup:  I am willing to love and laugh.  I definitely laugh a lot and like to have fun.   Hna Fano is SO patient and very respectful–of rules, of space, and of personal space.  She is so willing to adjust and make sure I’m happy.  She wants to be the best missionary she can be.  She works so hard at studies and at teaching.2017-5-30 Interviews The Dalles Zone (50)After interviews, we all went to our dinner places, then met up again in White Salmon, further down the river at 7:00 to finish up after Pres Lewis did a baptismal interview there.2017-5-30 Interviews The Dalles Zone (59)

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