Interviews in The Dalles

2017-5-30 Interviews The Dalles Zone (8)We drove by fields of purple Lupine and wind turbines on our way from Goldendale to The Dalles.  It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.2017-5-30 Interviews The Dalles Zone (9)2017-5-30 Interviews The Dalles Zone (10)These good Elders greeted us when we arrived.2017-5-30 Interviews The Dalles Zone (11)Elder Hunt cut Elder Bird’s hair.  Got the numbers on the buzzer wrong.  It’ll grow!  Love these Elders and how they love and serve each other!

Elder Poloncic and Elder Bird, Zone Leaders serving in The Dalles 2nd Ward2017-5-30 Interviews The Dalles Zone (13)Elder Poloncic:  I have a positive attitude and I don’t seek attention.   Negativity feels so gross to me, so not fun.  I like to be optimistic.   Elder Bird is really sensitive to the needs of others.  He takes time to listen.  He’s incredible at pointing out the good in others.  He’s always saying, “Wow!  I want to thank you for being so inspired for doing ______!”  He’s humble.  He’s super pure.  And he’s super supportive with ideas.  He’s good at adding my perspective to his.

Elder Bird:  I love to give unique personal compliments.  As I practice doing that, the Spirit points out things to me others maybe haven’t noticed.  It brightens their day.   Elder Poloncic is probably the most virtuous person I know.  He instantly deflects negative and turns it to positive.  He has a great desire to change.  He’s always looking for new ways to do things.  He is so fun to be around.

Elder Hunt and Elder Putnam, serving in The Dalles 1st Ward2017-5-30 Interviews The Dalles Zone (12)Elder Hunt:  people tell me they like my smile (especially my parents and grandparents)! I’m happy.  I like to smile and laugh and joke.  I’m also honest.    Elder Putnam is –that’s easy–he’s very humble.  I like that about him.  He’s an amazing listener and a hard worker.

Elder Putnam:  people like my smile and my laugh.  I try to be genuine by helping in whatever way I can.  I try to be kind.   Elder Hunt is a very genuine person.  He’s good at caring about others more than himself.  He always wants to find the best say to help others.  He’s a great teacher/listener.  He always asks good questions.2017-5-30 Interviews The Dalles Zone (18)

Elder Adams and Elder West, serving in The Dalles 1st Ward2017-5-30 Interviews The Dalles Zone (20)Elder Adams:  I’m usually pretty friendly, I smile and say Hi!.  I joke a fair amount.  I usually try to reach out to people having an awkward time.  Awkward people are usually really awesome.   Elder West has really great fantastic desires.  We click with each other really easily.  We have common interests.  He’s good at focusing on what he has in common with you.  He gets excited easily.  He isn’t too serious, but he takes things seriously.  He’s smart, has good ideas, and he’s organized.

Elder West:  I like having interesting conversations with people about interesting subjects.  I like discussing things.  I’m interested in other people and like asking detailed questions about what they do.  I’m also interested in  all kinds of things like trivia.   Elder Adams is really likable in almost every aspect.  He’s interesting and has a quirky nature.  I like his attitude which is spontaneous and enthusiastic.  He’s goofy, witty and fun.  He’s like a sparkler or a fire cracker. 2017-5-30 Interviews The Dalles Zone (23)Adios, Elderes!2017-5-30 Interviews The Dalles Zone (24)

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