Interviews in Ephrata

IMG_8972These Elders Love Ephrata.  Elder Black wants to move here after his mission.  They remind me of Ammon in the Book of Mormon.

Elder Fullmer and Elder Black, Zone Leaders serving in the Ephrata 3rd WardIMG_8963Elder Fullmer:  I love the open sky and sunsets, the mountains (Wenatchee) and the Columbia River.

Elder Black:  I love Pres and Sis Lewis, I love that I’m a missionary and I get to meet interesting people and hear their stories.  And I love that I’m not in Utah!  The members here practice what they teach.  Mormonism is more than a cultural thing.

Sister Goodrich and Sister Boehmer, serving in the Ephrata 2nd WardIMG_8964Sister Goodrich:  I love the Spirit that is here with all of the leaders and missionaries.  I love Pres and Sis Lewis’ love for the Lord and the missionaries.  I love how close all the missionaries are to each other and to our leaders.

Sister Boehmer:  It’s the best because I get to be a missionary here.  We have the best members everywhere you go!  They treat missionaries like their own kids, very welcoming and kind!  Most of the people here have faith in Christ.IMG_8968

Elder Amat and Elder Holley, serving in the Ephrata Spanish areasIMG_8969Elder Amat:  I love adventure, meeting new people, the landscape, the views and speaking about the gospel with the members.  I love Pres and Sis Lewis and I love the different seasons.

Elder Holley:  I love the bonds we make in the mission and the missionary stories we share.  I love the member dinners and I love the constant adventures that we have every day (many are with dogs).

Elder Lucio and Elder Powell, serving in the Ephrata 1st Ward2017-6-15 zInterviews Ephrata (11)Elder Lucio:  I love sharing experiences with others in the mission.  I love sharing experiences, hearing advice and connecting with the members here.  And I love one-on-one conversations with Pres and Sis Lewis.

Elder Powell:  I love Pres and Sis Lewis.  I love knowing my way around so well.  And I love the members and working with and getting to know them.  We have happy and impactful interactions.  It’s exciting to get to know the people here.  It’s like family away from family!2017-6-15 zInterviews Ephrata (14)2017-6-15 zInterviews Ephrata (15)There is a new SOFA in Ephrata!!  Ahhhh.2017-6-15 zInterviews Ephrata (18)

Tonight after interviews were completed, we found a new little place to grab a bite of food–the Bookery Cafe.  It was really good.  I loved all the authors on the menu!2017-6-15 zInterviews Ephrata (20)2017-6-15 zInterviews Ephrata (19)2017-6-15 zInterviews Ephrata (22)

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