Interviews in Moses Lake

2017-6-17 Interviews Moses Lake (1)It’s Friday and we are in Moses Lake today, continuing with the interviews.  This is a pretty happy bunch of missionaries, trying to stay focused on the work!2017-6-17 Interviews Moses Lake (2)2017-6-17 Interviews Moses Lake (4)Elder Taele and Elder Bawden, Zone Leaders in Moses Lake, serving in the 11th and YSA Wards2017-6-17 Interviews Moses Lake (5)Elder Taele:  Things I love about the WYM:  Pres and Sis Lewis, fresh fruit and strong members.

Elder Bawden:  The people (fun stories and personalities), the mountains (Hood River and Wenatchee) and it’s safe here.

Sister Thayer and Sister Banks, serving in the Moses Lake 4th and 7th Wards2017-6-17 Interviews Moses Lake (8)Sister Thayer:  I love that the weather cools off in the evenings.  I love that the people are so friendly and helpful.  They love having the missionaries over.  I love the missionaries and our leaders are the best ever!

Sister Banks:  I love the fresh fruit in season–it’s the most delicious fruit I’ve ever tasted!  I love the people–the members, the non-members, the missionaries and Pres and Sis Lewis.  I love feeling an abundance of the Spirit!2017-6-17 Interviews Moses Lake (9)2017-6-17 Interviews Moses Lake (12)Sister Stocking and Sister Miller, Sister Training Leaders serving in the Moses Lake 2nd and YSA Wards2017-6-17 Interviews Moses Lake (13)Sister Stocking:  The people here are very open and humble.  The area is like my home in Idaho.  There are a lot of good, strong, helpful members.

Sister Miller:  I love the wonderful people I have met here–they are kind, hard-working and they inspire me to try harder in life.  I love the apples (juice, pie, etc.) in the fall.  I love Pres and Sis Lewis.

Hermana Baird bought an old dictionary at a second-hand shop and she’s been studying it with her scriptures:2017-6-17 Interviews Moses Lake (15)2017-6-17 Interviews Moses Lake (16)Hermana Baird and Hermana Long, serving in the Moses Lake 1st and 9th Wards2017-6-17 Interviews Moses Lake (19)Hermana Baird:  I love the fruit–the plumcots, cherries, nectarines and grapes.  I love the variety in scenery.  I love the Hispanics–their culture, decor and food!

Hermana Long:  I love lots of great & nice people who always wave at us.  I love the great weather and I love the great food.  We’ve had lots of Peruvian food this week!

Signing the Missionary Poster:2017-6-17 Interviews Moses Lake (21)Elder Spitzer and Elder Johnson, serving in the Moses Lake 3rd Ward2017-6-17 Interviews Moses Lake (22)Elder Spitzer:  I love that I’m serving the Lord, I’m meeting new people and I’m maturing a lot.

Elder Johnson:  I love the people–they are nice and genuine.  I love the weather–it’s cooler than Arizona.  I love the long summer days.2017-6-17 Interviews Moses Lake (24)

Elder Jensen and Elder Nelson, serving in the Moses Lake 9th Central area2017-6-17 Interviews Moses Lake (27)Elder Jensen:  I love speaking Spanish.  I love that this place looks like home.  I love the Lewises.

Elder Nelson:  There are lots of nice people here.  The fruit is great, especially fresh cherries.  We have great missionaries and I love missionary work.

2017-6-17 Interviews Moses Lake (28)Some favorite Father’s Day notes:

Elder Summit and Elder Ence, serving in the Moses Lake 5th Ward2017-6-17 Interviews Moses Lake (30)Elder Summit:  I love the people I get to meet!  I love Pres and Sis Lewis!  I love the other missionaries around me!

Elder Ence:  I love my mission president and his wife.  I love the people I’ve met –i. e. missionaries, members and non-members.  I love the geography of this place.

Elder Criddle and Elder Carroll, serving in the Moses Lake 10th Ward2017-6-17 Interviews Moses Lake (31)Elder Criddle:  I love the weather.  It’s not 110 degrees every day.  I love the fresh fruit every day.  Especially the pears.  I love Elder Mayes and Elder Carroll–it’s nice to have a companion.

Elder Carroll: The people are nice and helpful.  I love learning to do new things and helping others learn.  The farmland is interesting to learn about.

Elder Nicoll and Elder Mayes, serving in the Moses Lake 6th and 8th Wards2017-6-17 Interviews Moses Lake (35)Elder Nicoll:  I love the fresh fruit, the fun, accepting spontaneous atmosphere and I love small towns.  I also love cows!.  And I love Pres and Sis Lewis.

Elder Mayes:  I love the fruit!  I will miss the fresh fruit, especially the cherries.  I love the members.  I have grown close to a lot of members.  I will miss my missionary friends–they all live so far away!2017-6-17 Interviews Moses Lake (40)

Elder Bergman and Elder Klossner, serving in the Moses Lake 9th Ward2017-6-17 Interviews Moses Lake (41)Elder Bergman:  I love making so many new friends.  I love the members/Mexicans/ and all other Hispanics.  I love Pres and Sis Lewis.

Elder Klossner:  I love the people (Hispanics).  I love the small towns.  I love Pres and Sis Lewis.

2017-6-17 Interviews Moses Lake (42)We love all of you too!

Note to Sister Bergman from Sister Lewis:2017-6-17 Interviews Moses Lake (43)

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  1. Brenda S says:

    My pleasure Sister Lewis! These cookies bake up a little flat (probably because they are made with butter instead of a butter/shortening mixture) but they are SO yummy!

    Lori Fifield’s Brown Sugar Oatmeal Coconut Chewies
    1 cup butter, slightly softened
    1 1/4 cup brown sugar, packed
    3/4 cup sugar
    2 tsp vanilla extract
    2 eggs
    1 tsp baking soda
    1 tsp baking powder
    1/2 tsp salt
    2 1/4 cups all purpose flour
    1 cup quick cooking oats
    1 1/2 cup shredded, sweetened coconut

    Bake at 350 for 8-10 mins.

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