Interviews in Wenatchee

2017-6-21 Interviews Wenatchee (2)Today is Wednesday and we are in Wenatchee!  We met with most of the Zone today and will finish tomorrow.  It was a good full day.2017-6-21 Interviews Wenatchee (5)

Elder Steadman and Elder Fordham, serving in the Rocky Reach Spanish area of Wenatchee2017-6-21 Interviews Wenatchee (7)Elder Steadman:  3 things I love about living in the WYM:  Pres & Sis Lewis, the culture of obedience and the abundance of really nice Mexicans.

Elder Fordham:  I love the mountains, the fruit galore (I love a good apple), and the Mexicans (Wisconsin has none).2017-6-21 Interviews Wenatchee (8)

Elder Buchanan and Elder Beaumont, serving in the Cashmere and Leavenworth areas2017-6-21 Interviews Wenatchee (6)Elder Buchanan:  I love the drive/motivation everyone has.  I love the spiritual environment.  I love that it feels like my home away from home.

Elder Beaumont:  I love our awesome Mission Pres and Mission President’s wife!  I love teaching super nice Hispanics.  I love living with fun missionaries.

2017-6-21 Interviews Wenatchee (10)2017-6-21 Interviews Wenatchee (12)Peeking in on a District Meeting:2017-6-21 Interviews Wenatchee (15)2017-6-21 Interviews Wenatchee (16)2017-6-21 Interviews Wenatchee (17)

Hermana Graff and Hermana Hernandez, serving in the Sage Hills and Castle Rock areas of Wenatchee2017-6-21 Interviews Wenatchee (18)Hermana Graff:  I love Pres & Sis Lewis, the free fruit (apples, & cherries and mullberries), and I love the beautiful people and weather.

Herman Hernandez:  I love the delicious Washington apples.  I’m excited for the season.  I love the kindness of the people I’ve met.  I love the weather.  It’s always sunny like Puerto Vallarta, not like Portland where I’m from.

Sister Baggett and Sister Grigg, serving in the Wenatchee Castlerock and YSA Wards2017-6-21 Interviews Wenatchee (19)Sister Baggett:  I love the hikes in Wenatchee!  The members are so willing to help us with anything.  It reminds me of home here (I’m from Bountiful).

Sister Grigg:  It’s celestial because everyone is prepared/preparing.  I love the apples and Crackima (Crazy Yakima).2017-6-21 Interviews Wenatchee (23)

Hermana Young and Herman Torrez, serving in the Eastmont and Columbia Hills Spanish areas of Wenatchee2017-6-21 Interviews Wenatchee (25)Hermana Young:  I love all the Amazing members and investigators that are life-long friends.  I love the Green and the fruit from Hispanics.  I love–honestly–Prez & Sis Lewis.

Hermana Torrez:  I love being blessed with amazing companions who I know will be life-long friends.  I love having the best Mission President/Wife ever.  I love meeting people and eventually realizing why God put them in our paths.

Elder Flamm and Elder Bouck, serving in the Columbia Hills and Eastmont areas of Wenatchee2017-6-21 Interviews Wenatchee (27)Elder Bouck:  I love the work–helping and doing service for others.  I love the people–meeting them, companions and other missionaries.  I love the hole in the wall food joints.

Elder Flamm:  I love how all the missionaries love each other.  I love the miracles that happen every day.  Pres and Sis Lewis are the best!2017-6-21 Interviews Wenatchee (26)

Elder Nielson and Elder Folkman were on exchanges while Elder Burbank and Elder Leavitt were in another area.  Those two will have their exit interviews soon.2017-6-21 Interviews Wenatchee (29)   2017-6-21 Interviews Wenatchee (30)
Elder Nielson, serving in the Sage Hills Ward:  I love that this is not a 3rd world country, I love the great leadership here, and I love the companions I wouldn’t have otherwise had.

Elder Folkman:  I love Leavenworth!  I love the sun!  I love all the diversity–the mountains, the orchards, the plains, the coulees, the canyons and the rivers.

Sister Mork and Sister Adamson, serving in the Wenatchee Mission Ridge Ward2017-6-21 Interviews Wenatchee (32)Sister Mork:  I love Pres & Sister Lewis.  I love the awesome members here.  They love the missionaries and want to serve and help us share the gospel.  I love being able to find so many humble humans.

Sister Adamson:  I love the green trees, the members in my wards who treat us like family–they are there for us 100%, always.  I love the missionaries I get to serve around and with.2017-6-21 Interviews Wenatchee (46)Thanks for a great day!!2017-6-21 Interviews Wenatchee (48)

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