More Interviews in Wenatchee

2017-6-22 Interviews Wenatchee (1)We were back in Wenatchee again today to visit with the rest of the Spanish-speakers in this zone.  They are wonderful and they are working hard.  Everyone is happy here.2017-6-22 Interviews Wenatchee (2)Our faithful Zone Leaders:2017-6-22 Interviews Wenatchee (3)2017-6-22 Interviews Wenatchee (4)2017-6-22 Interviews Wenatchee (5)

Elder Cannon and Elder Harmon, Zone Leaders in the Malaga Spanish area2017-6-22 Interviews Wenatchee (6)Elder Cannon:  I love doing missionary work!  I love learning about orchards and fruit and I love the Hispanic cultural influence here.

Elder Harman:  I love all the fresh fruit you get from tracting and investigators.  I love all the Mexicans who are really humble and I love tracting in all weather extremes.

Elder Wright and Elder Walker, serving in the Mission Ridge Spanish area2017-6-22 Interviews Wenatchee (7)Elder Wright:  The countryside here is so pretty!  I love how the Hispanics give you food, fruit, etc.  I love that I’m practically in my dad’s mission!

Elder Walker:  I love SOOOOO much free fruit!  I love Mexican food.  I love the people and everything about them.  Literally everything.2017-6-22 Interviews Wenatchee (9)

Elder Bee and Elder Sorenson, serving in the Wenatchee Rocky Reach Ward2017-6-22 Interviews Wenatchee (15).JPGElder Bee:  I love the diversity in the landscape around us.  I love the kind and generous people and the nice cool summers.

Elder Sorenson:  I love that all of the missionaries are Best Friends.  I love that the people here are super nice and I love meeting all sorts of different people.

Looking in on Elder Walker’s District Meeting:2017-6-22 Interviews Wenatchee (18)2017-6-22 Interviews Wenatchee (19)2017-6-22 Interviews Wenatchee (20)2017-6-22 Interviews Wenatchee (21)2017-6-22 Interviews Wenatchee (22)2017-6-22 Interviews Wenatchee (24)Watching The District during lunch:2017-6-22 Interviews Wenatchee (25)

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